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Free Summer 2014 Compilation from Paper + Plastick Records August 27, 2014

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unnamedDon’t get bummed about summer coming to an end. 1. Summer will come again next year, I promise. 2. Summer is officially over on September 23rd, so live it up until then instead of complaining. 3. Paper + Plastick Records is giving away a Summer 2014 Compilation so that you can hold on to summer for as long as you want…just don’t mope around summer being gone so fast and complain about it on social media.  There are still 365 days in years, let’s not take it to extremes guys.  Be sure to check out the new, unreleased track from The Moms.  Click on the link below to DL.


1. Archaeologists of the Future – Ex Friends
2. Fire and Ice – Jordan Morgan Lansdowne
3. Assholes on Rollerblades – Junior Battles
4. Miss America – The Moms
5. Not So Young – Pentimento
6. The Punisher – Game Day Regulars
7. December – Guerrilla Monsoon
8. Purple Heart Paperweight – Red City Radio
9. She Makes Me/ Breaks Me – And We Danced
10. Trust Us – The Shell Corporation
11. Nice to Know You (Acoustic) – Light Years


NGHBRS Premiere First Ever Instagram Music Video September 20, 2013

Long Island Rock outfit, NGHBRS, have released the first-ever Instagram Music Video for their single, “Hold Up Girl,” on The Wall Street Journal, who called it “the cleverest DIY video since OK Go,” Check it out here: In less than 24 hours, the video has acquired thousands of views and wide praise from the music and tech industry-buzzing about the video’s unique concept, perfect execution and the standout track itself, which NYLON Guys calls, “the perfect backyard BBQ tune and full on festival jam.” Instagram has already championed the band’s creative use of the app, tweeting out the video over 26 million followers, fueling a stream of supporting tweets fromThird Eye Blind keyboardist Alex Kopp, Green Bay Packers player Greg Van Roten and Bonnaroo Music Festival‘s official account. Check out the video and be sure to catch NGHBRS on tour this fall with Young Statues.
NGHBRS frontman, Ian Kenny had the idea of using Instagram’s new video function for a music video, but credits the band’s drummer, Jordan Schnieder for pushing the band to follow through as the foursome shot hundreds of individual videos for each scene they cut into the Instagram app.  “It was really challenging to pull off on our own,” says Schneider, who also edited the video. “It was like we were solving some strange two-month long math equation.” The band had to film each scene, map out how to seamlessly time getting from one video to the next. When asked how the band was able to pull that off, Schneider says, “We dove in head first, drank a lot of coffee and refused to sleep. It was totally worth it.”
Hold Up Girl” is the single off NGHBRS released debut LP, Twenty One Rooms, which was released onJuly 16th via Paper + Plastick Records.  Twenty One Rooms is the follow-up studio release to the band’s successful 2010 EP, Hellomind, which earned them high praise, including a write-up in The New York Times and spots on “Top 100 Bands To Watch Out For in 2013” lists from Alternative Press and Purchase Twenty One Rooms on iTunes here:
Fusing elements of alternative rock with catchy melodies, impressive musicianship, rhodes keyboards, and 90’s grunge, 
NGHBRS has made it their mission to always separate themselves from the pack. Formed in the summer of 2009, the band revolves around a strong work ethic, an intense practice schedule, and a constant fire under their belt. Drummer Jordan Schneider and guitarist Thomas Fleischmann have been playing in bands together for the previous 8 years, when they began to collaborate with vocalist/keyboard player Ian Kenny. Excited and intrigued about their new-found exploration, they moved into a practice space even before writing their first song. The band acquired bass player Eric Vivelo, and wrote and recorded their debut EP Hellomind, which was independently released in the summer of 2010. The band’s infectious sound and theatrical live show have landed them on national tours and shows at some of New York City’s most renowned venues such as Irving PlazaHighline Ballroom and Gramercy Theatre.
Co-Headlining Tour Dates with Young Statues:

Break Anchor’s Debut EP “Black Hearts & Blackouts” March 26, 2012

Review by Angela Blasi

Released March 20, 2012 on Paper + Plastick Records behold the debut EP from Break Anchor.  This pop-punk outfit channels the spirit of East Bay sounds from a scene gone by and is fronted by the well-known Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines and Hellmouth).  Comprised of his own angst and battles with the trials and tribulations of his life, this EP beautifully expresses his gritty, downtrodden yet resilient spirit.  The opening track “All I Have” had me hooked from the first line; its subtle-driving guitar riff building with choral vocals only to break into a hard, driving piece that never loses momentum.  Even lyrically, I enjoy the content as it reflects some of my own sentiments living in this Great Recession economy.  The vocals scream, “Everything is money!” while I envision myself signing this at high volumes in the summer sun; my own fuck you to the establishment.

Without hesitation, the second track “Can We Pretend” is focused and hard-hitting from the start.  Carried by the punchy bass progression, it’s a personal track that is easy to relate with.  It’s raw without being unclean, passionate without being overbearing.  There is a sense of belonging in these first two tracks, fantastically conveyed to the listener in a time when the definitions of success and identity are blurred.  This brings me to the last track, “Failure of Epic Proportions.”  “You try and convince me this is what I’ve been working for/ Time flies/ I don’t know, I work so much I don’t know you anymore/ Growing up makes us forget who we were.”  Simply stated yet poignant, Navarro’s lyrics easily bring life to the heart attack feeling of measuring one’s own failures and successes.  A slower track, this last song doesn’t lose focus of the other two, despite being a more emotionally charged piece.  This is definitely one of those songs to listen to when feeling particularly disenfranchised and disconnected from the well-to-do establishment, seemingly oppressing us all.  The song then ends with the calming serene sounds of ocean waves, as if to signify the finding of inner peace through the hell and turmoil that is self-discovery.

I’m excited to hear more from this band; their music is refreshing to hear.  They have met their goal in achieving a fresh sound that is in your face while bringing to life the influences of punk rock from past days.  From the first listen I was hooked and left wanting more.  The EP never compromises the heart of its members, giving the listener three tracks of unadulterated feelings, eloquently stated while being melodically raw with rich hooks and riffs.

Click here to listen to Black Hearts & Blackouts 

Break Anchor also recently debuted a music video for “A Failure of Epic Proportions,” watch below


Perfect Teeth Comic Book Series November 22, 2011

Review by Angela Blasi

What do you do when the world seems to be obsessed with the idea of vampires and you’re a punk rocker?  Why, you create a comic book hybrid of both those things!
 Paper + Plastick Records along with Viper Press have unveiled its newest project in the form of comic book series called Perfect Teeth.  In this fictitious world, art imitates life as vampires aren’t seductive predators, they’re dominating Billboard charts.  In real world fashion, other major music labels follow suit, booking talent from some of Halloween’s most recognizable faces.  If you have a Twitter account, you can download the comic for free here.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only has Paper + Plastick created a comic based on a group of blood sucking rock stars but they’ve brought the experience to life.  Owner of Paper + Plastick Vinnie Fiorello, along with Stephen Egerton (Descendents) and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) have teamed up to create a single under the guise of Perfect Teeth that is to be released later this month.  Visually, I enjoyed the content; its satirical nature and the whole look of it in general.  It’s a cool, creative medium jam-packed with sarcasm.