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About Us February 25, 2009

Nevermind the Posers was created back in 2003 to give a voice to unsigned and up and coming bands/musicians. We are dedicated to bring you new music and supporting your local scene.

A “poser” is defined as someone who habitually pretends to be something he or she is not. We at NVMP hold the firm belief that it is best to be yourself. We do not blindly follow the herd or the current popular trends in music just to simply “fit in.” We say nevermind to the posers and dig deep into the true spirit of music that is the freedom of expression. We do this by providing an open forum for the free exchange of ideas about music and popular culture. It is an unbiased atmosphere that explores musical genres of the past, present, and future. We have only one rule at NVMP and it is that each member or reader be able to explain WHY it is good music. Is it the lyrics? The beat? Or the emotions conveyed? We do not accept answers such as “I don’t know,” “It’s on the radio all of the time,” or “All of my friends like it.”

To show our readers our tastes in music, we at NVMP cover concerts, review CDs, interview our favorite artists, and promote artists outside of the mainstream. We review books, critique music videos, and keep you informed of upcoming shows you won’t want to miss! We have a weekly series running known as the “Top 5” which gives our readers a better idea of what kind of music we like while forcing us to use our imaginations. We answer the tough questions such as “What top 5 bands would you hire to play a private party?” and “What top 5 songs would you never want to hear again?” But music is not our only passion; we also like to have a little fun!


9 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Hi, Tina & Greg

    I’m a music publicist that represents several unsigned bands and artists around NYC. Our client roster has included The Kin, Josh Kelley (now signed), Alexa Wilkinson, Dynasty Electric, Zigmat, and Break of Reality. I just read your review of Hank & Cupcakes – which I’m a big fan of. I’d love to send you some of our new clients’ CDs and invite you some shows. What’s the best way to contact you? I’m also on Facebook (search my name), if you prefer that medium. Or you can reach me via email at I’m picking up some new bands that I think you’ll really dig. Let me know!



  2. There is a great acoustic show at Franklin Park Beer Garden in Brooklyn.
    45 Shootout, Belikos, AwShockKiss, Aqua Cherry also DJ Alias

    Check it out,


  3. Jake Davis Says:

    Hey all,
    Dave let me in on that you guys were looking for someone to write about local bands and shows in CT and MA, as well as anything else I picked up on. For some reason, I know a whole lot of terrific bands and shows in CT and quite a few in Mass. Just send me an email at jkaewdavis17 if you sre interested.

  4. sooshi clothing Says:

    hey guys!

    i’m with sooshi clothing and just saw us mentioned on the review from warped tour. we will be back this summer with even cuter stuffed animals and merch to sell. see you there!

  5. Oi mate. Johnny Don’t! from AM Taxi here. Well, formerly from AM Taxi; I left the group in April 2011.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about us and our performance at the Warped Tour 2010 show you caught; means a lot to know peeps like you came out to see us and actually UNDERSTOOD what we were trying to do, which was a rare thing on that tour that year. It felt like we were sandwiched between these pop-punk bands and the hardcore/screamo/metal bands, and we were the unwanted long hair in said sandwich.

    Seriously: most of the kids that came out to see that tour and happened across us would kind of stand there, scratching their heads, as if they didn’t know what to do because we weren’t telling them to create a “Wall of Death” or fuck each other up in a mosh pit. And then the parents who got dragged along chaperoning their 11-15 year old kids would come up to our tent after seeing us play and buy all the merch they could and thank us repeatedly for playing music they could relate to.

    It was a serious trip, let me tell ya. But thanks again for giving us some coverage; I just came across yer blog today whilst pouring over Google, trying to find and save as much of the press we got as possible with the idea of being able to show it all to my nieces (my brother Luke, who was the keyboardist in AM Taxi until this past November, has a 21-month-old daughter and another due in two weeks) so they can see that their dad and uncle were actually sort of cool once upon a time. 😉

    Long days & pleasant nights,

    Johnny Don’t!

  6. nickjweller Says:

    Is there any way to get my hands on Free Irban Clown by Jon Lawler nowadays or is it totally gone?

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