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Free Summer 2014 Compilation from Paper + Plastick Records August 27, 2014

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unnamedDon’t get bummed about summer coming to an end. 1. Summer will come again next year, I promise. 2. Summer is officially over on September 23rd, so live it up until then instead of complaining. 3. Paper + Plastick Records is giving away a Summer 2014 Compilation so that you can hold on to summer for as long as you want…just don’t mope around summer being gone so fast and complain about it on social media.  There are still 365 days in years, let’s not take it to extremes guys.  Be sure to check out the new, unreleased track from The Moms.  Click on the link below to DL.


1. Archaeologists of the Future – Ex Friends
2. Fire and Ice – Jordan Morgan Lansdowne
3. Assholes on Rollerblades – Junior Battles
4. Miss America – The Moms
5. Not So Young – Pentimento
6. The Punisher – Game Day Regulars
7. December – Guerrilla Monsoon
8. Purple Heart Paperweight – Red City Radio
9. She Makes Me/ Breaks Me – And We Danced
10. Trust Us – The Shell Corporation
11. Nice to Know You (Acoustic) – Light Years


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