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Perfect Teeth Comic Book Series November 22, 2011

Review by Angela Blasi

What do you do when the world seems to be obsessed with the idea of vampires and you’re a punk rocker?  Why, you create a comic book hybrid of both those things!
 Paper + Plastick Records along with Viper Press have unveiled its newest project in the form of comic book series called Perfect Teeth.  In this fictitious world, art imitates life as vampires aren’t seductive predators, they’re dominating Billboard charts.  In real world fashion, other major music labels follow suit, booking talent from some of Halloween’s most recognizable faces.  If you have a Twitter account, you can download the comic for free here.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only has Paper + Plastick created a comic based on a group of blood sucking rock stars but they’ve brought the experience to life.  Owner of Paper + Plastick Vinnie Fiorello, along with Stephen Egerton (Descendents) and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) have teamed up to create a single under the guise of Perfect Teeth that is to be released later this month.  Visually, I enjoyed the content; its satirical nature and the whole look of it in general.  It’s a cool, creative medium jam-packed with sarcasm.


Paper + Plastick Releases Compilation to Benefit NJ Publicist Rey Roldan November 11, 2011

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In the wake of a serious house fire that claimed thousands of dollars in personal property damage, Paper + Plastick Records has teamed up with other labels and friends to present a 40-song digital compilation to help New Jersey-based publicist Rey Roldan.
“Rey is a friend who works in music and for that reason, getting together this benefit was the most logical thing we could do,” said Paper + Plastick owner and Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello.

Roldan, who owns Another Reybee Production, Inc., has 16 years of experience in the music industry as a journalist and publicist. His reputation as an industry lifer is built on his work with clients ranging from independent punk bands to large mainstream artists.

The compilation features 40 songs from bands like YellowcardChuck RaganMC LarsHe Is We, Less Than Jake and The Sounds, and can be downloaded based on a pay-what-you-want donation. The minimum donation is $1.

Fiorello, who has worked with Roldan through his own band, Less Than Jake, and Paper + Plastick bands for over five years, said pooling together the compilation was almost second nature.

“Rey has been an ally with everything I’ve been doing in music for a while now,” Fiorello said. “So when I heard about the fire, I figured, ‘What better way to help Rey that by using what he has given himself to for almost two decades?’ And that’s music.”

We would appreciate a post linking to the compilation. All of the proceeds from the donations will go straight to helping Roldan in his recovery attempts.


1. The Photo Atlas – Jealous Teeth
2. City Rain – Montage
3. Arts and Crafts Movement – Los Angeles
4. Chuck Ragan – Wash My Feet In The Waves
5. The Gamits – Delusional
6. Edelweiss – Icarus
7. Have Nots – Louisville Slugger
8. The Front Bottoms – More Than It Hurts You
9. MC Lars – Bill and Sarah Wedding Dance
10. The Stereo – Home (Acoustic)
11. Strung Out – Firecracker
12. The Waltz – The Capitol Of Everything
13. Mike Felumlee – We’ll Find A Way
14. Brian McGee – Hold Sway
15. Hypernova – Extacy
16. King Raam – The Hunter (Shekarchi) (Feat. Esfund & Shara)
17. Red City Radio – Captioned For The Hearing Impaired
18. Veil Veil Vanish – Change In The Neon Light (Black Cloud Remix)
19. Reverse The Curse – The Space In-Between
20. Samiam – Dead
21. Landmines – Black Tide
22. VNV Nation – Nova
23. IAMX – Fire And Whispers
24. Killola – Stop It. I Like It
25. Polar Bear Club – Kneel On Nails
26. Picture Me Broken – Dearest (I’m So Sorry)
27. The New Rochelles – This Is My LJ
28. Candy Hearts – Good Enough
29. Direct Hit! – Monster In The Closet
30. Plow United – Header
31. Great Cynics – Twenty Five
32. Hank & Cupcakes – Hit
33. Yellowcard – With You Around
34. He Is We – Pardon Me
35. Weerd Science – Heaven Burns (Demo)
36. The Sounds – Something To Die For (MFMB Mix)
37. Miss Derringer – Bulletproof Heart (Live)
38. Meat Beat Manifesto – Easier Listening
39. Morning District – Bullet And A Brightside
40. Less Than Jake – Goodbye, Mr.Personality


Warner Bros. Label and their Blatant Abuse of Copyright Law Enforcement September 15, 2011

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by Mark B.

What had been a random moment of scouring the Internet (Facebook in particular) during a boring period at work quickly escalated into a truly “Holy SHIT” moment, as before my very eyes I stumbled across a quick blurb from none other than BT at the very top of the Live Feed, featuring this very interesting piece of information.

Background info on following tweet from BT today:
– They’ve banned YouTube videos of mine they didn’t own!
– Not to mention emailed Warner Bros for 8 months about returning my masters to IMA & ESCM (both out of print for years.)  Guess what they did?  Warner Bros never responded & re-released both albums.
– Don’t pay Warner Bros for IMA or ESCM. I will release more complete new versions when I can.

What on earth was he talking about?  Who did what and why?  Thankfully, Mr. BT provided a link to help shed some light on this murky, yet increasingly intriguing post.  So without further ado, feel free to click on the link below and judge for yourself.

***And extra props go to BT, as without him pointing out this travesty on a Facebook post, yet another MAJOR fuck-up by the industry at large would have skimmed by unnoticed, and the public might have missed the chance to witness a nail being hammered into the coffin of not just the music industry monoliths, but the entertainment industry.  Cash rules everything around us.



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A response to the 5/11/11 Barbara Ortutay AP article found here.

Written by: Klone

So, on the one hand this Judy McGrath person should be commended for making MTV what it once was, but at the same time I feel like it’s ABOUT TIME the idiot who took MTV from being MUSIC television to MEANINGLESS television should NOT be celebrating a career of success.

I mean, seriously?  “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant” are accolades?  Why aren’t the conservatives trying to do something about the fact that MTV is glorifying ignorance on ALL levels by promoting “guidos/guidettes”, ruining a state’s reputation with the rest of the nation and making TV stars out of teens who become pregnant unintentionally and out-of-wedlock, or more likely intentionally, seeking celebrity.  Would seem a ripe target….

MTV doesn’t seem to know the difference between exacerbating a problem and bringing to light a scary new phenomena.  I think at one time it did know, which is why they put together their multi-chaptered documentary series called “Sex in the 90s”.  Now, there was a liberal approach to a socially taboo subject (at the time) that went out of its way to bring all sides of the debate to the table and let the viewer be educated.  If this series were done today, it would actually be an under-cover, mainstream porno show.  Somewhere between the 90s and the turn of the century, MTV completely lost its way, and began laying down with dogs to make celebrities of society’s fleas.
I remember a time when MTV was all about celebrating the fun side of life.  If America was the small town in the movie Footloose, MTV was Kevin Bacon, getting the entire nation’s youth to get up and dance.  We had ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEOS that were shown IN THEIR ENTIRETY all day long.  You had ground-breaking sketch comedy shows like “MTV’s The State” and even something for the comic book/art fans with their many animated shows like “MTV’s Oddities: The Head”, “MTV’s Oddities: The Maxx”, “Liquid Television” (a truly under-rated, yet amazing variety/sketch show), and who could forget all the fun game shows like “Remote Control”, “Singled Out” and “Idiot Savant”. The network literally had the world in the palm of its hand, when enter Mary Ellis-Bunim…the mother of reality television and the garbage program of which she was the executive producer, “The Real World”.  Nothing would ever be the same.

Now what are they?  The virtual graveyard for the leftovers from the last decade of decadence (how I miss Motlëy Crüe…I know they’re still around, but like all things of the old days of MTV, it’s just not the same.)  I actually pity today’s kids, who have no concept of a world not accessible through an iPhone.  The kids have no idea what it’s like to have a wide array of artists constantly on display, but never on-demand.  It’s a sad, sorry state of affairs, and I for one think Ms. McGrath failed one generation after helping define the previous one.  I may be a harsh critic, but I must have missed the memo where we pretend that failing to follow-up on your previous successes was the new “in”-thing to celebrate.  MTV…WTF?!  Oh wait, I know…it’s all about the money, stupid.  Ha.  Silly me.


The Westboro Baptist Church Protest a Less Than Jake Show in Pensacola, FL May 2, 2011

by Angela Blasi

The Westboro Baptist Church has capitalized on the old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity, even if you’re in poor taste.  Which they are, all the time.  The group of old Testament, like religious zealots are notorious, if not infamous for their protests at events such as fallen soldiers’ funerals and pop culture events.  However, their  latest endeavor on 4/20/11, protesting the beloved ska band Less Than Jake, makes even the more apathetic of us raise an eyebrow.  Really guys?  Apparently somewhere in Leviticus it made a reference to skanking being the dance of the devil or some shit.  See?  And you thought all that gyration was wholesome.

Faced with slightly more than a dozen picketers with “signs that talked about whore mongering, adultery, sin,” Vinnie Fiorello was a bit perplexed by the reaction.  “It had to be a slow night at the bible study last night… Or they heard the truth that we are a traveling band who love Satan but hate guns,” he told

Clearly, none of these Westboro Baptist Church members have ever been to a Less Than Jake show, or any ska show for that matter.  If they ever did open the narrow scope of their ignorance-coated blinders, they would see a community of kids all coming together for music; picking each other up off the floor from pits, skinny baby-faced boys with arms out to keep the girls from getting hurt and a color spectrum of skin tones and flushed cheeks.

What exactly is “whore-mongering” anyway?

Less Than Jake recently re-released expanded versions of 1996’s Losing Streak and 1998’s Hello Rockview on their own label Sleep It Off and are gearing up for some major announcements shortly.  The band just wrapped up a handful of Florida dates and are preparing for the entire Vans Warped Tour this Summer.


For The Love Of Music, Or The Money? April 14, 2011

by Angela Blasi

So Drake was momentarily out of Young Money after an alleged argument and shoving match between him and Lil’ Wayne.  According to the rumor mill, like most celebrity fallouts, Drake got heated when discussing the possibility of restructuring his contract and while also inquiring about royalties.  He threw some words around to which Lil’ Wayne, the badass he is, basically told him to get the fuck out.  Days later the internet is a buzz with media citing that, oh, he was just kidding!  Drake, you so funny.  From interviews given by both Drake and Lil’ Wayne the two have cited nothing but the utmost appreciation for one another and are in fact still a part of the Young Money machine.

While this sounds like a sweet tale of bromance, the cynic in me can’t help but wonder how big a role money played in this smoothing over.  I imagine Drake throwing a bitch fit over royalties, starting to get an inflated sense of self (when most people know you’re from Canada and played the handicapped kid on Degrassi) and popping off at the mouth.  Fast forward a day and everyone realizing that, holy shit, we make a lot of money to do this, are you fucking stupid?  Smile for the cameras boys.


Men at Work Lose Song Plagiarism Appeal April 12, 2011

Thoughts by TNT

Men at Work may come from a land down under, but after a recent court hearing, the band will have to pay royalties after the judge ruled their hit single from 1982 “Down Under” was partly copied from popular folk song “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree” by Marion Sinclair.  It was a portion of the flute riff that mimics the classic tune.  Can you hear the similarities?

“Fact of the matter is that it went unrecognized for 27 years because it was unconscious, it was innocuous, naive” states Colin Hay

Now, as I can clearly hear the Kookaburra tune in the flute riff, I wouldn’t call this copyright infringement, especially since it went unrecognized for 27 years.  Marion Sinclair, a school teach from Australia, wrote this song in 1932 and it was copyrighted in 1934.  Ms. Sinclair passed away in 1988 and the rights to her song were renewed, or better yet, purchased by Larrikin Music in 1989 for $6,100.  The owners of the copyright saw an episode of ABC’s Spicks and Specks (an Australian music-themed comedic television quiz show) in 2007 and it prompted legal action against the band for the similarities.  Copyright laws state that the original composer gets life plus 70 years.  I’m sure none of this would have happened if Larrikin Music did not have the rights, and this is why I find the case to be unfair and unjust.  Men at Work was ordered to pay just 5% of royalties from the hit song dating back to 2002 and of course future royalties, which is better than the original asking of 40-60% of ALL royalties since the creation of “Down Under”.  Poor Colin Hay and Ron Strykert.  What do you think about this case?  Is this fair or unjust?

Anyone know what the song is about?  Apparently, “Down Under” paints the picture of an Australian backpacker touring the world, making references to chunder, Vegemite sandwiches and beer.  Wanna laugh?  Think about myself or anyone taking these dance moves to a club today (1 minute and 35 seconds into the video, second guy from the left).