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New Music Videos I’m Obsessed With… August 20, 2010

Up first,  “St. Christopher” by Deadbeat Darling.  This haunting and unique video is incredibly artsy and creative.  It was directed by Ben Smoot using still images.

Next, “Ambling Alp” by Yeasayer, directed by Radical Friend.  Greg Swindasz introduced me to this video and I think we can all agree on one word for this video – trippy.  It’s awesome, check it out.

Finally, “Symphonies” by Dan Black, this version featuring Kid Cudi.  I love this song and think this video is truly one of a kind.  Watch and be amazed!

“Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay is a cool video as well, but I am not able to embed it, so click here to check it out on YouTube.  Enjoy, Happy Friday!


One Response to “New Music Videos I’m Obsessed With…”

  1. […] Swing”, and The Black Keys “Tighten Up”.  Four great artists, four phenomenal videos. Is this still MTV?  If you had any insight to good, new music (or read NVMP) you would have […]

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