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Scare Off Wolves by Blasting Creed February 2, 2011

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Review by Zach
On January 21st, 2011, a boy named Walter Eikrem was on his way home from school in Norwegia, in a town named Rakkestad.  Eikrem was on his normal route from the bus stop and noticed that four wolves had appeared on the path.  At the time, he was listening to music on his cell phone so he decided to blast the volume and started playing “Overcome” by Creed in hopes of scaring off the wolves.  He didn’t want to run because he knew if he did, the wolves would have run him down.  So he let the song play and the wolves dispersed.  “They didn’t really get scared,” Eikrem said.  “They just turned around and simply trotted away.”


In summation: Don’t run away from a pack of hungry wolves, just flail your arms around, yell and blast Creed.  After all, if you heard someone blasting Creed, wouldn’t you turn the other way?


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