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Election Day 2016 November 8, 2016

Election Day…smell that?  Yep, that’s the smell of your freedom.  We could care less about who you vote for, the important thing is that you vote. You have a voice, so speak up!

HeadCount followed Van’s Warped Tour this summer to sign up as many young voters as possible.  They’ve registered close to 30,000 new voters this year (including 2,000+ on Warped Tour) and over 350,000 voters since started in 2004. Here’s a short video of the opinions  of young voters at Vans Warped Tour (the opinions may be surprising). It features members of Sleeping with Sirens, Reel Big Fish and Every Time I Die, plus Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, and many young fans.

Fact of the matter is that this election is between 2 major candidates. But what do you do when you despise both of them, and cannot envision our country run by a Fascist or a Warmonger?  You still vote.  Consider the Green Party and candidate Jill Stein:

Remember that vote for ANYONE still counts.  Maybe you just want to party hard and think Andrew W.K. and the Party Party is a good option:

Or, maybe you’ve always wanted a pony and think Vermin Supreme is the way to go:

Look, it doesn’t matter who you vote for…all politicians are liars, will do anything for your ballot, and it’s usually between a giant douche or a turd sandwich anyway.  But someone has to lead our country so get out there and vote…because, reasons.


Vans Warped Tour – 22 Years and Going Strong! July 4, 2016

Vans Warped Tour is in its 22nd year and has become America’s longest running music festival!

VWT 16

“It’s fun to see so many people excited to be back on the road together. Warped continues to be a community that makes it all worth while.” says tour founder Kevin Lyman.

With a back-to-basics lineup that signals a return to the tour’s roots, the 22nd edition of Warped Tour welcomes back several fan favorites, including: American Authors, Atreyu, New Found Glory, Tonight Alive, Less Than Jake, Yellowcard, We The Kings, Sleeping With Sirens, Falling In Reverse, Four Year Strong, Reel Big Fish, Sum 41 and Pepper, to name a few.

NVMP is excited to check out some of the new talent hitting the tour this year like Dash Ten, Capsize, Mother Feather and Reckless Serenade (this year’s BBQ Band), as well as classic punk rockers like Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, Ballyhoo!  and Reel Big Fish. We’re also beyond excited to check out The Interrupters!  We’ll see you on the tour in New Jersey on Sunday July 17th at PNC Bank Arts Center – hopefully it won’t be recorded as the hottest day of the year again.

Since the band schedule is released daily for each tour date, here’s a list of bands and the stage that they will be playing on.  This should hopefully help you plan ahead.  Don’t forget to find the dude selling the full line up when you enter your venue – that thing is a lifesaver and well worth the couple of bucks.  Or, you can fight your way to the inflatable schedule and take a picture.

Journeys Left Foot Stage

Falling In Reverse 6/23-8/13

Four Year Strong 6/24-8/13

Good Charlotte 7/19-7/28

Less Than Jake 6/24-8/13

New Found Glory 6/24-8/13

Reel Big Fish 6/24-8/13

Set It Off 6/24-8/13

Sum 41 6/26-8/7

The Summer Set 7/30-8/13

Waka Flocka Flame 8/5-8/13

We The Kings 6/24-8/13

Yellowcard 6/24-8/13

Journey’s Right Foot Stage

3OH!3 7/21-7/31

ISSUES 6/24-8/13

Mayday Parade 6/24-8/13

Pepper 6/24-6/29, 7/1-7/22

Real Friends 6/24-8/13

Sleeping with Sirens 6/24-8/13

State Champs 6/24-8/13

The Maine 6/24-8/13

The Story So Far 6/24-8/13

Tonight Alive 6/24-8/13

Monster Energy Party Zone North Stage

Atreyu 7/19-8/7

Bullet For My Valentine 7/19-7/22

Crown The Empire 6/24-8/13

Every Time I Die 6/24-8/13

Ice Nine Kills 6/24-8/13

Motionless In White 6/24-8/13

The Color Morale 6/24-8/13

The Word Alive 6/24-8/13

Volumes 6/24-7/17

Whitechapel 6/24-8/13

Monster Energy Party Zone South Stage

Chelsea Grin 6/24-8/13

Coldrain 6/24-8/13

Cruel Hand 6/24-8/13

From Ashes To New 6/24-8/13

Gideon 6/24-8/13

In Hearts Wake 6/24-8/13

Oceans Ate Alaska 6/24-8/13

Vanna 6/24-8/13

Veil Of Maya 6/24-8/13

Poseidon Stage

Emarosa 6/24-8/13

I See Stars 6/24-8/13

Knuckle Puck 6/24- 8/13

Masked Intruder 6/24-8/13

Prof 7/26-8/13

Roam 6/24-8/13

SECRETS 6/24-8/13

The Heirs 6/24-8/13

The Interrupters 6/24-8/13

Young Guns 6/24-8/13

Cyclops Stage

Against The Current 6/24-8/13

Assuming We Survive 6/24-8/13

Ballyhoo! 6/24-8/13

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! 6/24-8/13

Ghost Town 6/24-8/3

Sykes 6/24-8/13

Teenage Bottlerocket 6/24-8/13

Too Close To Touch 6/24-8/13

Waterparks 6/24-8/13

Full Sail Stage

Avion Roe 6/24-7/21

Bad Seed Rising 6/24-7/27

Broadside 6/24-8/13

Cane Hill 6/24-8/13

Capsize 7/17-8/13

Dash Ten 6/24-8/13

Hail The Sun 6/24-7/16

Like Pacific 6/24-8/13

More To Monroe 7/28-8/13

Mother Feather 6/24-8/13

Old Wounds 6/24-8/13

Palaye Royale 6/24-8/13

Reckless Serenade 6/24-8/13

Safe To Say 6/24-8/13

SayWeCanFly 7/22-8/13

Silent Planet 6/24-7/17

The New Low 7/19-8/13

Wage War 6/24-8/13

With Confidence 6/24-8/13

And here is a list of the remaining tour dates:




















See you in the pit!



Reel Big Fish “Don’t Stop Skankin’!” US Tour November 19, 2013

By Jon Warhol 

11/10/13 at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey

I had the lucky opportunity to sit down and talk with the hardest working ska group in show business, Reel Big Fish, as they kicked off their Don’t Stop Skankin’!” US tour.  The tour lasts until November 22, after which they head to the land down under to play Australia’s Warped Tour.  RBF has been around as long as me (22 years!) and are a hilarious and energetic band.  They were happy to talk about everything from their favorite albums, junk foods, and beers, to their appearance in the movie Baseketball.
fav 5

Jon Warhol:  Your latest release was 2012’s Candy Coated Fury. What makes it different from your other records?

Aaron Barrett:  I think it has the first good songs I’ve ever written. Ever. I’m really proud of it. It also has the longest songs we’ve ever written. We used to be able to do about 30 songs in a set in about 90 minutes. Now it’s six songs, ha!

Matt Appleton:  If I’m not mistaken, the idea behind these songs is that they should all be good dancing songs, right? You were thinking about what makes people move, and what gets people excited.

Aaron:  That’s a good answer, I like it. I think I read that off Wikipedia. It’s not always on the website or the bio.

Matt:  That’s how I know it’s right. (laughter)

Jon:  The Candy Coated Fury track I can relate to the most is “Everyone Else is an Asshole” because I get really bad road rage when I drive. Did you have a really bad driving day and felt compelled to pull over and write the song?

Aaron:  Ha ha! No, that song was inspired by our old trombone player, Dan Regan. For a few years he was in a really bad mood. Extra bad, worse than usual. No matter who was in the room or what was going on, he just fuckin’ muttered stuff under his breath. He was so mad that when you said “Hey Dan, good morning.” he said “Fuck you good morning.” So one day I was like “Oh yeah Dan, everyone else is an asshole but you!”

Jon:  One of the things I like about your lyrics is that they are really straight forward. There are other songs by other artists where you wonder “What the hell is this about?”

Aaron:  They’re not poetry, I know…there’s the song called “I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend,” it goes like this: “I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend!” That’s what it’s about!

Matt:  There’s no hidden messages; it is what it is.

Jon:  Who are some of your major influences, lyrically speaking?

Aaron:  Uh…well I don’t know, I’ve never been asked that question in 22 years! No one has ever said “Who influences your lyrics,” so it’s impossible to answer!

Matt:  Can’t we read it on Wikipedia yet? (laughter)

Aaron:  I don’t know, I don’t think I have a lyrical influence. I just go off intuition, whatever comes out.

Jon:  Top five favorite albums ever. Go.


Johnny Christmas:  That’s so hard! It’s hard to answer because you’re talking to people with such diverse musical influences.

Aaron:  ARRRG!

Matt:  I’ll go first! 1) The Beatles Revolver 2) Beach Boys Friends 3) The Police Outlandos d’Amour 4) Fiona Apple When the Pawn…that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Aaron:  I have too many favorite albums to pick a top five.

Johnny:  1) Louis Armstrong plays WC Handy.

Aaron:  I don’t know what the hell you just said.

Johnny:  I know…2) Miles Davis Relaxin’.

Matt:  Johnny, every time I get in your car, you’ve got Metallica or Megadeath on.

Johnny:  I’ve been pissed off for the past year. 3) Megadeath Greatest Hits.

Billy Kottage:  1) The Beach Boys Pet Sounds 2) The Beatles Revolver 3) Grateful Dead American Beauty 4) Thelonious Monk Alone in San Francisco 5) Westbound Train Transitions.

Aaron:  You guys are all wrong. Your opinions are all wrong.

Jon:  I’m a Dire Straits fan, and your album titled Monkeys for Nothin’ Chimps for Free makes me wonder are you also a fan or was the title just too irresistible?

Aaron:  I like Dire Straits…Except that one line about that trumpet playin’ band ain’t what they call rock n roll. I was like FUCK THAT! FUCK YOU SULTANS OF SWING! Not a huge fan, but I like them.

Johnny:  For our generation growing up with MTV, that “Money For Nothing” video was on ALL THE TIME! And it was a great video.

Jon:  It’s one of the first 3-D videos.

Johnny:  Yeah, you couldn’t get around it. I didn’t even have cable and I listened to it.

Aaron:  Just think, a lot of our fans now don’t even remember when MTV was a music TV channel.

Johnny:  They don’t understand that the M stands for MUSIC Television.

Matt:  They think it stands for mister. Mr Television.

Johnny:  Stands for really bad reality TV.

Jon:  What’s the most “rock star” thing you’ve ever done? Any crazy tour bus stories?

Matt:  Didn’t something happen a little while ago where we thought “This is one of those things we would tell in an interview!” I don’t remember…

Johnny:  For me, it was playing the festival in Dubai with Megadeath when I was going out to play my solo. I was going to go out on this big long ramp but my mic cable got stuck on one of the lights. I didn’t even make it to the ramp and I had to play my solo from the side instead of the ego ramp.

Aaron:  That’s not a rock star moment, that’s like a disaster story!

Johnny:  It’s like a Spinal Tap moment!

Aaron:  Remember when we did the press conference with Dave Mustaine?

Jon:  What happened with that?

Johnny:  There was this press conference with us, Megadeath and Three Doors Down. We were the only bands playing this show in Dubai. Reel Big Fish, Megadeath and Three Doors Down…because those are complimentary items. I’m sitting at this big long table talking to our bass player, Matt Wong, and a red-head guy comes up and goes “Hi, my name is Dave, and I was a huge fan of The Specials and Madness.” I went “What?!? Dave Mustaine was a ska kid!?”

Aaron:  We were at the Kerrang! Awards show in England, and each table had a bottle of whisky, bottle of rum, bottle of vodka…every single table. Everyone was really hammered drunk after they served food and stuff. I started throwing bottles all over the tables and I got glass all over somebody from The Used. I ruined someone from Good Charlotte’s food. Bowling for Soul threw a table over and they got in trouble but I didn’t get in trouble. Then I went to an after party and met Paris Hilton. She was going out with Derek from Sum 41. She said “I’M PARIS.” I said “HI.”

Jon:  Favorite junk food and favorite beer?

Aaron:  This should be easier!

Matt:  Favorite beer- Heady Topper from the Alchemist in Vermont. Favorite junk food- Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Billy:  Favorite beer- Heady Topper from the Alchemist brewery in Vermont as well. My favorite junk food…is PB&J junk food? I eat one before bed almost every night.

Johnny:  My favorite beer is the St. Bernardus 12 from Belgium. Favorite junk food is plain Lays potato chips.

Jon:  Plain, like unsalted?

Johnny:  No, salted. OG chips.

Aaron:  My favorite beer is Delirium Nocturnum. Favorite junk food is chili fries and volcano burgers from the place across my high school, with no cheese. Best thing I ever ate in my life. Just from that place. I don’t really like chili fries from anywhere else.

Jon:  Do you ever get tired of playing your big hits from back in the day or are they still entertaining years later?

Aaron:  Some of the newer members might not be as sick of the old songs as others. I definitely am not sick of playing the favorites because I like pleasing the crowd and making them dance. When you play one of those songs, the crowd goes WILD! That never gets old for me.

Jon:  So it’s the crowd reaction that keeps it going for you?

Aaron:  When we start playing a song and nobody reacts, it’s the worst feeling in the world. Being on stage like OH THEY HATE ME RIGHT NOW!!! Anytime we play those old songs and people go crazy it’s awesome.

Jon:  When you find the songs that don’t get a reaction from people, do you kick them off the set list for next time?

Aaron:  Yeah, we rotate them and give songs a new try. Sometimes the songs that get the best reaction over time are forgotten. The people who come to the shows at the time don’t know that one anymore.

Johnny:  And you also adjust the set list for what country you’re playing in. The big hits in UK might not be in USA. Cheer Up is way huge over there.

Aaron:  But even that, 10 years ago, you play something from Cheer Up and they would know every word of every song, but now, is not the case anymore, I’ve noticed. They just know the three favorite ones or whatever.

Jon:  Are you guys satisfied with the ska scene or would you prefer it more mainstream? If so, what would it take to get it there?

Aaron:  Of course we’d like to be super rich and famous and playing stadiums, but this is our job. We don’t have to go home to real jobs. So for us, the ska scene is pretty awesome. It’s going strong in the underground.

Jon:  I’m a huge fan of Baseketball, how did you get to be the band in the movie?

Aaron:  We were hot shit back then! We were the happening new band! I think our record label, MOJO, was somehow put in charge of releasing the movie’s soundtrack and I think they just said “Hey why not put RBF in there?” I guess…I don’t know. They needed a band? We never knew the real reason.

Jon:  Did you get to meet the South Park guys?

Aaron:  Yeah, I was like “Hey!” and they were like “Hey, my name’s Matt.” “Hi, my name is Trey. We gotta go, we’re busy.”

Johnny:  You think making a movie is glamorous and really interesting. It’s really a lot of waiting around for ten hours and then being on set and doing your thing for an hour. Back when I had long hair, I was in the movie Cable Guy.

Jon:  You were an actor in the movie?

Johnny:  I worked at Medieval Times and they needed a trumpet player in a scene for the movie.

Aaron:  At least he knows how he got in the movie. Someone just called and said “You’re going to be in a movie with the South Park guys,” FUCK YEAH! They actually filmed another scene we were in – me, Scott and Dan were sitting on a couch at a party scene and then Scott kicked over a bowl of popcorn and it went all over. They had to stop shooting and clean it all up. He RUINED THE SCENE! So somewhere there’s a scene that we’re in.

Jon:  The Baseketball stadium, was that an actual stadium, or a set built for the movie?

Aaron:  That was the Olympic Auditorium in LA. They had a lot of fake people. Cardboard cut outs of people all over. They moved the extras to where they were filming. Movie magic!

Jon:  Did you see the movie?

Aaron:  Yeah, it’s pretty funny.

Johnny:  It turned out to be a cult classic. Played all the time on HBO and things like that.

Aaron:  More people know us from that movie than from anything else.

Jon:  What is your definition of a poser?

Aaron:  Like a model?

Johnny:  Like a mannequin?

Billy:  Blue Steel. That’s what I think.

Matt:  Somebody who tries to fit into a group of people even though maybe they’re not interested in that. Someone who’s trying a little too hard to fit in.

fav 1IMG_0951IMG_0961fav 2IMG_0998


Reel Big Fish Releases New Album With An Old Soul August 22, 2012

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Review by Angela Blasi

Reel Big Fish’s latest album, Candy Coated Fury out on Rock Ridge Music, has been hailed as a return to their earlier sound; complete with fun, frantic humorous energy.  Opening with “Everyone Else is an Asshole,” the band sets the precedent with a choir of voices chanting the song title for what will become 14 tracks of a great breakup album.  Highlighting the experience of a bad relationship with all its trials and tribulations, Reel Big Fish manages to capture the spirit of having loved someone so much you eventually hate them with the candid track “I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore,”  featuring Julie Stoyer of the band Dick and Jane.  In four and a half minutes, Stoyer and Barrett exchange blows while telling a love story gone horrifyingly sour.  And what is Reel Big Fish without cover tunes?  For their 7th studio album they have chosen to cover The Wonder Stuff’s “Don’t Let Me Down Gently.”  Adding the classic RBF up tempo ska to this catchy track, it fits the album’s theme well, though stylistically hasn’t been altered very much.  However, I appreciate the second cover on Candy Coated Fury, “The Promise” originally recorded by When in Rome.  If you’ve ever seen the video of the original version, then you’ve basked in all its long-haired, synthesized glory.  Despite being a slower track, and thus the last one in the lineup, it maintains the bands sense of humor while still being relevant to the concept of the album.  It’s a great cover, as they manage to transform the song with a swaying reggae vibe.  From start to finish the 7th son of Reel Big Fish has successfully given fans the energetic brand of ska-ified sarcasm and hysterics that lured them in on Everything Sucks.  After a few listens through, you find yourself ready to sing along all the while wondering where this album was back when you needed it.
Two notable songs are “Hiding in my Headphones” and “Don’t Stop Skankin’.”  Admittedly, these weren’t my favorite at first play due to their repetitive nature.  I got kind of bored with them, until I got up and started moving a precursor for what could be a blast in a live performance.  The band will be touring Europe fall of 2012 and eventually Brazil and Argentina.  Regardless of when they make it to your town, this latest musical work is a definite must for all RBF fans and anyone who can appreciate the guts and glory of heart-break up.


Reel Big Fish Donate Proceeds from Recent Colorado Show to Victims and Families Affected By the Aurora Theater Shooting July 23, 2012

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A Message From Reel Big Fish:


Last Thursday night, Reel Big Fish played to an amazing Denver crowd. The night was buzzing with positive energy as the last notes of the horns blared and the audience poured into the dark to head home. Little did we all know; right down the street, a tragedy of unspeakable horror was unfolding, in Aurora. Because of the love that Denver always shows us, we would like to do what we can for the friends and families of the victims. Proceeds from our show at the Belly-up in Aspen, CO last Friday July 20 will go to The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance. Our booking agency, The Agency Group will also be making a donation. If you wish to donate or learn more about the organization visit  All our love goes out to the people of Denver in this time of sorrow. Music and dancing is good medicine. Be with friends and boogie!


Much love,


Reel Big Fish


Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish December 16, 2011

Review by Jake Davis

Rodeo Ruby Love

When buying tickets to a show with either Streetlight Manifesto or Reel Big Fish, any skanker worth his checkered shoes knows he’s in for a good show.  Nonetheless, I entered Webster with a certain amount of apprehension.  Could all the stories people have told me about these two bands live be untrue?  My friends, I come to you with joyous news.  I have seen heaven on stage.  I can say with all certainty there isn’t a better live show than Streetlight Manifesto or Reel Big Fish, and the fantastic openers that preceded them.  On that note, certainly the biggest surprise of the night was not one, but two amazing openers.  I will say the first band, Rodeo Ruby Love, even though they were a great act, seemed a little out-of-place.  The Indiana natives have a wonderful mix of upbeat ska tunes (oddly lacking a brass section on stage), the best of which was a horn-tinged number called “Rickey Henderson.”  They were a little soft and slow in tempo compared to the rest of the groups, and because they were opening the show, had a bit of a lukewarm reception from the rowdy bigger-name hungry audience.  The best part of the suspicious interaction between band and crowd was the extremely funny self-conscious looks of complete uncomfort the rhythm guitarist had on his face.  To top it off, their mixing seemed a little off, drowning out the vocalists with guitar fuzz.  Listening to them now, I cannot say enough good things about them, considering their tight sound and often-hilarious lyrics.  My one piece of advice to the band: Give Annie Cheek (the female vocalist) some sort of instrument on stage so she doesn’t stand there looking so endearingly awkward as she waits for the next bit of her lyrics to kick in.


The next band to play was Lionize, who my friend dryly remarked that he wouldn’t want to meet any of these guys in a dark alley, are certainly a physically imposing, heavily  bearded band.  When a huge white guy, decked out with a lumberjack beard came out on stage, my first reaction was, “Oh, God, another lame, loud, grunge knockoff band.”  Readers, learn to never trust my first impressions.  To start, the lead singer had a beautiful voice, and his crystal clear lyrics cut straight through the crowd.  This is one band that no one saw coming, but no one wanted to leave after their first song.  Between a wonderful vocalist, a truly amazing keyboardist who laid out incredible organ riffs and superbly tight drum lines, this band impressed like no other.  Its one thing going into a show and knowing the band will be great and another matter entirely for one to come out like a bolt out of the blue. This is one hard-edged reggae band I’ll keep coming back to again and again.

Streetlight Manifesto

And now, the moment I couldn’t wait for…Streetlight Manifesto takes the stage.  The opening notes of “Watch It Crash” hit our collective audience ears.  No matter how steady I wanted to keep my camera, I couldn’t help but screaming “Mercy, mercy, mercy me!” when the chorus came about.  They played an incredible set, I only wish it lasted longer.  They played 10 amazingly created songs.  I cannot express how great they were, but I must confess, Reel Big Fish I looked forward to more and was ultimately more entertaining.

When they came on stage accompanied, of course, by the Superman theme song, the crowd just about lost it.  I think a sweaty, shirtless man next to me began to cry.  I rushed to the front of the photo pit, and used the majority of my camera’s memory on this incredibly charismatic band.  They danced, sang, make bawdy jokes, sang “Suburban Rhythm” countless times in different styles and took pity on the short kid among the huge security guards and looked right at the camera multiple times.  If that grandiose run on sentence didn’t prove it to you, they were unbelievable.  Better than anyone had ever told me, and I implore anyone to see them.  Take a train, bus, learn to fly, rent a camel, I don’t care.  Just go.  This band gets me so excited, and really, as the guy in the “Bitchin’” shirt could tell you, you should be too.


Reel Big Fish Interview, 7/17/10 Warped Tour @ Nassau Coliseum August 13, 2010

Interview by Angela Blasi

Angela Blasi: I’m here speaking with Reel Big Fish and for the record you are…
Reel Big Fish: Aaron Barrett and Dan Regan from the Reel Big Fish!

AB: It’s kind of late in the day, how’s Warped tour been so far for NY?
Barrett: So far so good, we haven’t played yet.
Regan: We have a lot of time to get pumped up…and eat live cobras…get ready.
Barrett: We’ve been going on first or last this tour.  I prefer last.

AB: You guys get to close the show pretty much?
Barrett: Yeah, at 11am I like to be sleeping.  That’s why I chose the rock n’ roll touring lifestyle, so I could be asleep at noon.

AB: What do you normally do to get ready for a show, before you hit the stage?  Any pre-show rituals?
Regan: We avoid each other so that when we get on stage, its magic.  It’s like were seeing each other for the first time, like a new-born fawn falling out of its mother.
Barrett: We all change our clothes at the same time on the bus…try not to look at each others balls.

AB: Hows that workin’ out?
Barrett: Awful.  We love balls.
Regan: It’s so hard not to look at the balls.

AB: We are a music blog called Nevermind the Posers, and we’re dedicated to keeping music real.  Now, you guys play a lot of colleges, which I love that you still do despite your fame.  What is it about playing colleges and that type of environment that keeps you coming back?
Barrett: We pretty much play anywhere we’re invited.  That’s why.  A lot of colleges ask us, so we go play for ‘em.
Regan: We would play the Playland at Mcdonalds if they wanted to have us.
Barrett: If someone said ‘hey come and set it up,’ we’d do it.  We definitely try to play a variety of gig.  Tours of the UK where we’re playing fairly small venues, sometimes we’re playing giant festivals like this, or sometimes colleges, even acoustic invite only things.  We really try to spread it out, it keeps it fresh.

AB: Do you find it keeps you on an even keel?
Regan: Definitely, and the unifying factor in all of this that the fans are always so awesome and they’ll come out and see whatever.

AB: Not gonna lie, the first time I ever saw you guys was at a college in Vermont in the middle of nowhere.
Regan: Vermont is the middle of nowhere though, so that’s kinda redundant.

AB: I admired that though.  It was great that you guys were still out there giving it your all.  I’ve noticed that your live show comes across with a lot of energy, a lot of fun.  Is that something you strive for or does it just come naturally?
Barrett and Regan: Oh yeah, definitely.
Regan: We’re pretty awkward people in regular life, so we get on stage and it’s like we can finally relax and be awkward…professionally.
Barrett: We like to play, so we have a lot of fun being up on stage.

AB: Is there something you guys like to do, a favorite song you like to play, a certain gimmick, something you love doing for the audience that they always react to?
Barrett: Any song that they go crazy for.  I like doing that.  It starts, they recognize it and they start screaming and going crazy.

AB: Any top songs?
Barrett:  The “Beer” song, “Take on Me,” and “She Has A Girlfriend Now.”

AB: Have you found any other bands on this tour that you’ve gotten into, discovered or become fans of?
Regan: Nothing has jumped out yet, there’s a band people keep telling us to check out that’s a blue grassy thing- The Reverend Payton and his Big Damn Band.  We’re kind of waiting to see a lot of our friends, like Streetlight [Manifesto] and Chase Long Beach, then there will be more horn players hanging out.
Barrett: I saw a cool reggae band today called Tomorrows Bad Seeds.  Kind of like the reggae rock thing.

AB: Ok, last question.  Being that we’re Nevermind the Posers, we like to ask people how they define a poser.  So in your own words, as bluntly and as vulgarly as you’d like, what’s your definition of a poser?
Regan: It’s hard, you know, our style of music definitely brings an eclectic group of people together.  You got a lot of people who only know about us from radio and Baseketball maybe, or a lot of little band geeks.  Which, that’s me.  We’re an all-encompassing group.  I’d say…how to recognize a poser…usually they’re wearing some kind of pro-sports team attire.  Because that’s like instant inclusion.  It’s like,  ‘hey we’re friends automatically because we shopped at the same mall shop.’
Barrett: Oh man, you just pissed off a whole lot of people just then…sports fans get angry.  A poser…someone who tries way too hard to have a certain look or certain uniform for a music style or something.  Gotta have the perfect mohawk, the tightest pants, sleeviest tattoo sleeve.
: You can always spot the poser, they’re trying the hardest.  You should be practicing your instrument not doing your hair.
: You should enjoy the music and what you do, not if people can tell how punk rock or hardcore or how whatever you are.

AB: I feel like you guys definitely stay true to yourselves and do just that.
Barrett: I don’t care what anyone thinks or if anyone knows what kind of music I listen to or if I’m cool or not.
Regan: He can say that because he’s so damn cool.
Barrett: I know, I’m that cool and I don’t care.

AB: To wrap up, you’ve been interviewing all day, is there anything you want to share with us or your fans that you haven’t been asked.  Maybe something you’d like to promote, anything?
Regan: Just get out there and see the show.  We love to see everyone come out to shows and boogie.
Barrett: We love to play, so come watch us do it.  Because if you’re not there, it’s really awkward, just an empty room.


A Walk Through Warped Tour- 7/18/10 @ Monmouth Park Racetrack

Review by TNT

Bands I saw: AM Taxi, Face to Face, Left Alone, Anarbor, The Sparring, The Casualties, All American Rejects, Sum 41, The Mighty Regis, and Alkaline Trio
Bands I wish I saw: Reel Big Fish, Andrew W.K., The Flatliners, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Middle Finger Salute, and Riverboat Gamblers

It doesn’t feel like summer until the Vans Warped Tour rolls into town.  I’ve gone consecutively since 2003 and before I journey to the tour, I’m always convinced it’s Christmas morning.  Well, at least that’s what it feels like to me.  I describe it as one of the most exciting feelings in the world…knowing you’re going to see a festival that lasts all day with some of the greatest punk and rock n’ roll bands around (from legends to up and coming artists), knowing that you’re going to discover loads of new music, and meet some cool people who actually enjoy the same music as you.  Now, I know there has been an increase in posers at the Warped Tour, but if you think about it like that, you’re not going to experience the same overwhelming excitement-filled feeling.  There are posers everywhere, let’s face the fact that there isn’t much we can do about it other than try to set them on the right path (and perhaps introduce them to this website).

I’d also like to note that Kevin Lyman, creator of the Warped Tour, does not pick the bands based on what YOU listen to.  When you create your own US/Canada tour, you can choose whoever you want to play.  If the bands were the same every single year or there was a limited variety of genres or if unsigned bands weren’t given a chance, I think it would get pretty boring and repetitive.  I also understand that if he didn’t go somewhat of the corporate route (mainly finding such huge sponsors in addition to Vans), this tour would not be able to go so far.  If you have beef with the tour because you think it “went corporate” or “sold out” then you obviously don’t know how expensive it is to financially support a tour of this size.  I would also like to thank Lyman for keeping the price of a ticket as low as possible and getting the tour to think and act green.

With all that being said, I did have a couple of gripes with the tour this year.  First of all, the NJ/NY dates were gypped out of seeing practically all the worth-while headliners: Anti-Flag, Big D and the Kid’s Table, The Dickies, Dropkick Murphys, Everclear, Street Sweeper Social Club, Streetlight Manifesto (they’re from NJ!) and The Bouncing Souls (also from the NJ/NYC area) were NOT in attendance.  What the fuck?  Without these acts, I feel like our ticket prices should have been cut in half.  Big freakin’ whoop; All American Rejects and Sum 41 don’t even compare to the bands I just listed.  I’m hoping some of them have upcoming concerts in the area, at least that would justify why they skipped NJ.  Secondly, due to an immense amount of traffic (half was from tour congestion and the other half was shore traffic), I was unable to see two of the greatest acts to play the NJ date.  Andrew W.K. and Reel Big Fish were the first acts to play.  I know I’m the only one to blame for this, since the acts are randomly picked for time slots on said day throughout the tour, but it still grinds my gears.  At least we snagged an interview with Andrew W.K. (will be posted soon).

Trying not to let the NJ line up bother me, my hungry ears and I were on the hunt for some new music.  The first band I stumbled upon was AM Taxi, a punk rock band from Chicago.  Let me explain filing AM Taxi under the punk rock category…they have both elements, in their natural form.  Punk lyrics are noted with simple chords and the guitar riffs are pure rock n’ roll, with driving drums beats that bring it all together.  There is also somewhat of a modern pop hook here, an edge that pulls you in.  I was impressed, especially with their lyrics and energy.  “The Mistake” is extremely well written with lyrics that stun you, (much like Brand New did for me back in the day) and the keys really bring this song together.  It’s hard to say punk music has a heart, but AM Taxi does, their music just hits home.  Right after their set, I made a personal note to pick up their latest album We Don’t Stand A Chance.

Coming back from an ever-changing line up and a long hiatus, Face to Face was the next band I sought out.  What a performance!  It’s been way too long and I was so excited to see them play.  I file Face to Face as one of the original Warped Tour bands, also included are Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, NOFX, and The Casualties.  Face to Face is fucking back and they’re releasing a new album this fall entitled Laugh Now, Laugh Later.  It was great to hear them play again and I pray they’re on the tour in 2011.  SoCal punk rock (F2F since 1991) will never die.

Left Alone was up next.  They remind me of Rancid so much; people look at me like I’m crazy when I say this, but that’s what I hear!  I guess Tim Armstrong and I have similar ears because after hearing Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts in 2004, he signed this band to his label, Hellcat Records.  Straight up, Left Alone is fast punk music with three chords and ska influences.  “Out of Tune Melody” made for a perfect circle pit.  I think I relate with Left Alone so well because they are a true DIY band.  Frontman Elvis Cortez started off as a roadie on the 2003 Warped Tour and when Lyman heard some music from the band, he appointed the band as the official Warped Tour BBQ band in 2004 and 2005.  I’m happy to see their hard work has paid off, as they officially played the tour this year.  See?  Sometimes all you need is good music and the rest will follow.

After Left Alone, I decided to check out what the hype was about with the band Anarbor.  Until today, I never gave the band a fair chance, but I’m glad I caught some songs.  I loved “You and I”; I feel that majority of pop rock bands would make this way more whiny and annoying.  Kudos.  I loved the lyrics in “Always Dirty, Never Clean” – ‘I’ve got bruises on my hands and knees/And a list of failures in between/Always dirty, I am never clean/Music is what you hear, and not what you see.’  When I get older and start doing needle-points and other old lady shit, I’m going to stitch this on a pillow.  “Gypsy Woman” has a great beat that makes it hard to stand still, but its not my favorite song.  I just hear Cage the Elephant and nothing else.  Anarbor released their first full length album on Hopeless records, 4/20/2010.

As I was getting read for Warped Tour this year, pre-listening to the bands, I came across The Sparring (Old Shoe Records) and knew they could not be missed.  Lead singer Joel Bourne cleared a space for himself to perform in front of the stage, stopping festival goers to stay for some music and pouring Monster Energy Drink on fans waiting in line for some meet n’ greet.  He stated that you can’t enjoy live music if you’re waiting in line for an autograph.  I say right on brother!  Borne had much to say, screaming his sarcastic punk lyrics.  This trio is powerful and I predict a solid future for them in the DIY punk rock community.  I recommend catching a live show soon.  Fair warning, the pit will be dangerous so be sure to bring it!

Being crunched for time, I was only able to catch one song from The Casualties.  Watching from the side of the stage, I felt like I was experiencing The Casualties (and the tour) for the first time all over again.

All American Rejects and Sum 41 performances left me with one question: Why?  I love the singles by All American Rejects, but never listened to the rest of their music.  Their big hits were of course covered; “Dirty Little Secrets,” “Swing, Swing,” and “Gives You Hell” were all played.  It was a good performance, but I felt like the members were distant, didn’t feel a connection.  It wasn’t an absent of energy, that was there, it just felt a little forced.  Perhaps the weight of touring has gotten the best of them on this particular date.  Lead Singer Tyson Ritter was promoting the campaign “Don’t Hate on Haiti”, spray painted on his white suit, with a clear mission statement being that if you forget about this disaster, its hatred.  He stated that he was touring to help raise money to build clean water wells for the people of Haiti.  Very noble.

With Sum 41, it felt like they were trying to relive their glory days with hits like “Fat Lip,” “All To Blame” and “The Hell Song”.  Their latest album, All the Good Shit: 14 Solid Gold Hits 2000-2008, was released in November 2008 and rumors of a new album in 2011 are buzzing around too.  Honestly, I miss Dave Baksh.  He brought a heavier punk sound to the group with his guitar style and it is missed.  I was less than thrilled with Sum 41.  I do wish Deryck Whibley a speedy recover though.  In Japan, where the band was set to play the Summer Sonic Rock Festival, Whibley was attacked on 8/6/10 in a bar by three men (and police) and aggravated a slipped disk injury in his back from 2007.

I wanted to like The Mighty Regis, but I just couldn’t.  They had a great performance, but for me it felt too much like they were impersonating Flogging Molly.  Both bands have seven members (6 male, 1 female), play the same instruments, and are both Celtic punk rock bands from Los Angeles.  It’s similar to the great debate of The Grateful Dead vs. Phish.  I was never able to get into Phish because I’m a deadhead and never saw (or heard) the point of getting into practically the same band.

Finally!  It was time to check out Alkaline Trio!  What a stellar performance, as usual!  I was happy to hear “Armageddon” and “Private Eye”, as From Here to Infirmary is an all-time favorite album of mine.  Personally, I haven’t seen Alkaline Trio live in some time, so every song was amazing to me; tons of energy, guts and love.  Also, the crowd was huge.  On their speakers, they stenciled on “Free the WM3” and “”.  I am so touched that bands today are still supporting the West Memphis Three but furious that they’re still in jail.  Please visit to find out what you can do to support and free the WM3.

In final summation, here are my thoughts on the tour this year:  Although I missed the majority of the bands I was excited to see, I made the most of the day.  I understand that set times are randomly selected every day of the tour, but it still stinks that I missed out on a few great acts.  Oh well, there’s always next year.  I discovered a lot of new music and look forward to checking out more music by said bands.  Nevermind the Posers has attended Vans Warped Tour since 2003 and we’re looking forward to the lineup in 2011.

Don’t forget, to check out the bands mentioned in this review simply click on their names; they are linked to their MySpace pages.