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Reel Big Fish Interview, 7/17/10 Warped Tour @ Nassau Coliseum August 13, 2010

Interview by Angela Blasi

Angela Blasi: I’m here speaking with Reel Big Fish and for the record you are…
Reel Big Fish: Aaron Barrett and Dan Regan from the Reel Big Fish!

AB: It’s kind of late in the day, how’s Warped tour been so far for NY?
Barrett: So far so good, we haven’t played yet.
Regan: We have a lot of time to get pumped up…and eat live cobras…get ready.
Barrett: We’ve been going on first or last this tour.  I prefer last.

AB: You guys get to close the show pretty much?
Barrett: Yeah, at 11am I like to be sleeping.  That’s why I chose the rock n’ roll touring lifestyle, so I could be asleep at noon.

AB: What do you normally do to get ready for a show, before you hit the stage?  Any pre-show rituals?
Regan: We avoid each other so that when we get on stage, its magic.  It’s like were seeing each other for the first time, like a new-born fawn falling out of its mother.
Barrett: We all change our clothes at the same time on the bus…try not to look at each others balls.

AB: Hows that workin’ out?
Barrett: Awful.  We love balls.
Regan: It’s so hard not to look at the balls.

AB: We are a music blog called Nevermind the Posers, and we’re dedicated to keeping music real.  Now, you guys play a lot of colleges, which I love that you still do despite your fame.  What is it about playing colleges and that type of environment that keeps you coming back?
Barrett: We pretty much play anywhere we’re invited.  That’s why.  A lot of colleges ask us, so we go play for ‘em.
Regan: We would play the Playland at Mcdonalds if they wanted to have us.
Barrett: If someone said ‘hey come and set it up,’ we’d do it.  We definitely try to play a variety of gig.  Tours of the UK where we’re playing fairly small venues, sometimes we’re playing giant festivals like this, or sometimes colleges, even acoustic invite only things.  We really try to spread it out, it keeps it fresh.

AB: Do you find it keeps you on an even keel?
Regan: Definitely, and the unifying factor in all of this that the fans are always so awesome and they’ll come out and see whatever.

AB: Not gonna lie, the first time I ever saw you guys was at a college in Vermont in the middle of nowhere.
Regan: Vermont is the middle of nowhere though, so that’s kinda redundant.

AB: I admired that though.  It was great that you guys were still out there giving it your all.  I’ve noticed that your live show comes across with a lot of energy, a lot of fun.  Is that something you strive for or does it just come naturally?
Barrett and Regan: Oh yeah, definitely.
Regan: We’re pretty awkward people in regular life, so we get on stage and it’s like we can finally relax and be awkward…professionally.
Barrett: We like to play, so we have a lot of fun being up on stage.

AB: Is there something you guys like to do, a favorite song you like to play, a certain gimmick, something you love doing for the audience that they always react to?
Barrett: Any song that they go crazy for.  I like doing that.  It starts, they recognize it and they start screaming and going crazy.

AB: Any top songs?
Barrett:  The “Beer” song, “Take on Me,” and “She Has A Girlfriend Now.”

AB: Have you found any other bands on this tour that you’ve gotten into, discovered or become fans of?
Regan: Nothing has jumped out yet, there’s a band people keep telling us to check out that’s a blue grassy thing- The Reverend Payton and his Big Damn Band.  We’re kind of waiting to see a lot of our friends, like Streetlight [Manifesto] and Chase Long Beach, then there will be more horn players hanging out.
Barrett: I saw a cool reggae band today called Tomorrows Bad Seeds.  Kind of like the reggae rock thing.

AB: Ok, last question.  Being that we’re Nevermind the Posers, we like to ask people how they define a poser.  So in your own words, as bluntly and as vulgarly as you’d like, what’s your definition of a poser?
Regan: It’s hard, you know, our style of music definitely brings an eclectic group of people together.  You got a lot of people who only know about us from radio and Baseketball maybe, or a lot of little band geeks.  Which, that’s me.  We’re an all-encompassing group.  I’d say…how to recognize a poser…usually they’re wearing some kind of pro-sports team attire.  Because that’s like instant inclusion.  It’s like,  ‘hey we’re friends automatically because we shopped at the same mall shop.’
Barrett: Oh man, you just pissed off a whole lot of people just then…sports fans get angry.  A poser…someone who tries way too hard to have a certain look or certain uniform for a music style or something.  Gotta have the perfect mohawk, the tightest pants, sleeviest tattoo sleeve.
: You can always spot the poser, they’re trying the hardest.  You should be practicing your instrument not doing your hair.
: You should enjoy the music and what you do, not if people can tell how punk rock or hardcore or how whatever you are.

AB: I feel like you guys definitely stay true to yourselves and do just that.
Barrett: I don’t care what anyone thinks or if anyone knows what kind of music I listen to or if I’m cool or not.
Regan: He can say that because he’s so damn cool.
Barrett: I know, I’m that cool and I don’t care.

AB: To wrap up, you’ve been interviewing all day, is there anything you want to share with us or your fans that you haven’t been asked.  Maybe something you’d like to promote, anything?
Regan: Just get out there and see the show.  We love to see everyone come out to shows and boogie.
Barrett: We love to play, so come watch us do it.  Because if you’re not there, it’s really awkward, just an empty room.


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  1. mur Says:

    Great freakin interview AB!

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