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March Is The Month Of Green March 14, 2011

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by Gregory Swindasz
March is the month of green – and sometimes the end of February too.  Flogging Molly came to the east coast again for their Annual Green 17 Tour, this time playing at the iconic House of Blues at the Showboat casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

The crowd was the usual Molly troupe, guys with news-boy caps, couples on a beer filled night of fun and of course many Irish people.  It was a sea of green in the dimly lit and industrial style music hall.  However, this year the merry Floggers in the crowd seemed a little subdued, less moshing and more swaying.  Maybe it was the venue’s always present security staff.

By the time Dave King began the hearty thump of “Rebels of the Sacred Heart,” the crowd was ready to be deluged with Irish punk dreams of rolling green hills, the sorrow of loss and the immutability of being one’s self.  A high point of the show for me was “Tobacco Island.”  The visuals of swaying palms and the transition to acoustic really set the mood and made a lasting memory.

It was a great night, and a great show.  For many people this band, this tour makes their March, hell maybe even their whole spring.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, and to all a Drunken Lullaby.


Don’t Forget, Flogging Molly This Saturday in Atlantic City! February 18, 2011

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Flogging Molly’s 7th Annual Green 17 Tour comes to New Jersey this Saturday in Atlantic City at House of Blues.  Opening acts include Moneybrother and The Drowning Man.  House of Blues is located at 801 Boardwalk Atlantic City, NJ 08401.  Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the show!


Flogging Molly’s 7th Annual Green 17 Tour Has Started, Let The Count Down To St. Patrick’s Day Begin! February 9, 2011


Yes!  We can hardly contain ourselves either!  Flogging Molly’s 7th Annual Green 17 Tour is now making its way across the US and shortly to the east coast!  With the tour off to a fresh start, NVMP is looking forward to the dates at House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ on 2/19 and Terminal 5 in New York, NY on 3/2.  The Green 17 Tour started in 2004 as a count down to St. Patrick’s Day with a performance celebration in each city leading up to the holiday.  Which city is your city?  Check out the cities and venues of the tour below.

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, I hope you’re blessed with the luck of the Irish, because these tickets won’t be available for long.  To buy your tickets now and for more information, visit



What tours or concerts are you excited about this year? January 25, 2011

What tours or concerts are you excited about that you know of so far this year?

I can not wait for The Get Up Kids to come around, their hiatus has been far too long and I’m dying to hear my favorite band live again.  Their new album There Are Rules was released today and I will share my thoughts as soon as I listen in.  I’m also excited for Flogging Molly’s Green 17 tour.  Opening acts this year include Money Brother and The Drowning Men.  As always, I am looking forward to Warped Tour 2011 and hope to see some great bands on the bill this year.

I think this year I’m most excited to see the line up for Warped Tour.  I’m not really sure what shows are coming up, or what other tours/festivals that will be held this year aside from the annual ones.  I have found I regularly check to see who is playing Warped to decide whether or not I go.  Moreover, considering the awesome time I had this past summer, I can’t wait to go.  On that note, I’d like to say I’m excited to see Tomorrows Bad Seeds again.  I haven’t been able to see them since Warped ’10 as they went back to California, but I’m hoping they make their way back to the East Coast soon so I can indulge my ear drums on their sweet musical stylings.

It’s too early into the year to say, but I’m stoked that the 3rd Annual Electric Zoo Festival on Labor Day weekend has been extended to a 3 day festival – which is awesome considering it’s the closest thing to  Woodstock for Electronic Dance Music junkies that we’re ever going to get.

After missing them this Holiday season, I’m going to be watching for when the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for comes back to the tri-state area, and of course we can all expect some American bastardization-laden attempt to re-create the fabled “Big 4” concert.  Personally, as amazing as it probably was to be at and witness live, I take a skeptical moment to say, “Remember Woodstock.”  Lightning will NEVER strike the same spot twice, no matter how much money and promotion is thrown at it.  Think about it…original Woodstock (1969) = celebration of peace, love and rock and roll.  The last Woodstock (1999) = Limp Bizkit’s rape and bonfire extravaganza.  Total 180 and disgrace to the memory of what Woodstock (’69) was.

I am excited about the return of Charlotte Martin (although I have to miss her first shows of the year) and the possibility of Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry bringing his solo tour to the U.S. at some point this year.  Hell, I am even kind of excited about Motorhead’s tour, and I don’t even care for Lemmy and Co., but hey, he is a musical legend that should be seen at least once.  And fingers crossed, perhaps BT will finally tour in the NY/NJ area this year, as he seems to be too good to hit the area (hear that B to tha T?? FUCKING ROCK OUT IN THIS AREA FOR FUCK’S SAKE!  PROVE ME WRONG!)  I am even keeping my finger’s crossed that Jim Lindberg’s kick-ass new project The Black Pacific will tour this year.


A Walk Through Warped Tour- 7/18/10 @ Monmouth Park Racetrack August 13, 2010

Review by TNT

Bands I saw: AM Taxi, Face to Face, Left Alone, Anarbor, The Sparring, The Casualties, All American Rejects, Sum 41, The Mighty Regis, and Alkaline Trio
Bands I wish I saw: Reel Big Fish, Andrew W.K., The Flatliners, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Middle Finger Salute, and Riverboat Gamblers

It doesn’t feel like summer until the Vans Warped Tour rolls into town.  I’ve gone consecutively since 2003 and before I journey to the tour, I’m always convinced it’s Christmas morning.  Well, at least that’s what it feels like to me.  I describe it as one of the most exciting feelings in the world…knowing you’re going to see a festival that lasts all day with some of the greatest punk and rock n’ roll bands around (from legends to up and coming artists), knowing that you’re going to discover loads of new music, and meet some cool people who actually enjoy the same music as you.  Now, I know there has been an increase in posers at the Warped Tour, but if you think about it like that, you’re not going to experience the same overwhelming excitement-filled feeling.  There are posers everywhere, let’s face the fact that there isn’t much we can do about it other than try to set them on the right path (and perhaps introduce them to this website).

I’d also like to note that Kevin Lyman, creator of the Warped Tour, does not pick the bands based on what YOU listen to.  When you create your own US/Canada tour, you can choose whoever you want to play.  If the bands were the same every single year or there was a limited variety of genres or if unsigned bands weren’t given a chance, I think it would get pretty boring and repetitive.  I also understand that if he didn’t go somewhat of the corporate route (mainly finding such huge sponsors in addition to Vans), this tour would not be able to go so far.  If you have beef with the tour because you think it “went corporate” or “sold out” then you obviously don’t know how expensive it is to financially support a tour of this size.  I would also like to thank Lyman for keeping the price of a ticket as low as possible and getting the tour to think and act green.

With all that being said, I did have a couple of gripes with the tour this year.  First of all, the NJ/NY dates were gypped out of seeing practically all the worth-while headliners: Anti-Flag, Big D and the Kid’s Table, The Dickies, Dropkick Murphys, Everclear, Street Sweeper Social Club, Streetlight Manifesto (they’re from NJ!) and The Bouncing Souls (also from the NJ/NYC area) were NOT in attendance.  What the fuck?  Without these acts, I feel like our ticket prices should have been cut in half.  Big freakin’ whoop; All American Rejects and Sum 41 don’t even compare to the bands I just listed.  I’m hoping some of them have upcoming concerts in the area, at least that would justify why they skipped NJ.  Secondly, due to an immense amount of traffic (half was from tour congestion and the other half was shore traffic), I was unable to see two of the greatest acts to play the NJ date.  Andrew W.K. and Reel Big Fish were the first acts to play.  I know I’m the only one to blame for this, since the acts are randomly picked for time slots on said day throughout the tour, but it still grinds my gears.  At least we snagged an interview with Andrew W.K. (will be posted soon).

Trying not to let the NJ line up bother me, my hungry ears and I were on the hunt for some new music.  The first band I stumbled upon was AM Taxi, a punk rock band from Chicago.  Let me explain filing AM Taxi under the punk rock category…they have both elements, in their natural form.  Punk lyrics are noted with simple chords and the guitar riffs are pure rock n’ roll, with driving drums beats that bring it all together.  There is also somewhat of a modern pop hook here, an edge that pulls you in.  I was impressed, especially with their lyrics and energy.  “The Mistake” is extremely well written with lyrics that stun you, (much like Brand New did for me back in the day) and the keys really bring this song together.  It’s hard to say punk music has a heart, but AM Taxi does, their music just hits home.  Right after their set, I made a personal note to pick up their latest album We Don’t Stand A Chance.

Coming back from an ever-changing line up and a long hiatus, Face to Face was the next band I sought out.  What a performance!  It’s been way too long and I was so excited to see them play.  I file Face to Face as one of the original Warped Tour bands, also included are Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, NOFX, and The Casualties.  Face to Face is fucking back and they’re releasing a new album this fall entitled Laugh Now, Laugh Later.  It was great to hear them play again and I pray they’re on the tour in 2011.  SoCal punk rock (F2F since 1991) will never die.

Left Alone was up next.  They remind me of Rancid so much; people look at me like I’m crazy when I say this, but that’s what I hear!  I guess Tim Armstrong and I have similar ears because after hearing Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts in 2004, he signed this band to his label, Hellcat Records.  Straight up, Left Alone is fast punk music with three chords and ska influences.  “Out of Tune Melody” made for a perfect circle pit.  I think I relate with Left Alone so well because they are a true DIY band.  Frontman Elvis Cortez started off as a roadie on the 2003 Warped Tour and when Lyman heard some music from the band, he appointed the band as the official Warped Tour BBQ band in 2004 and 2005.  I’m happy to see their hard work has paid off, as they officially played the tour this year.  See?  Sometimes all you need is good music and the rest will follow.

After Left Alone, I decided to check out what the hype was about with the band Anarbor.  Until today, I never gave the band a fair chance, but I’m glad I caught some songs.  I loved “You and I”; I feel that majority of pop rock bands would make this way more whiny and annoying.  Kudos.  I loved the lyrics in “Always Dirty, Never Clean” – ‘I’ve got bruises on my hands and knees/And a list of failures in between/Always dirty, I am never clean/Music is what you hear, and not what you see.’  When I get older and start doing needle-points and other old lady shit, I’m going to stitch this on a pillow.  “Gypsy Woman” has a great beat that makes it hard to stand still, but its not my favorite song.  I just hear Cage the Elephant and nothing else.  Anarbor released their first full length album on Hopeless records, 4/20/2010.

As I was getting read for Warped Tour this year, pre-listening to the bands, I came across The Sparring (Old Shoe Records) and knew they could not be missed.  Lead singer Joel Bourne cleared a space for himself to perform in front of the stage, stopping festival goers to stay for some music and pouring Monster Energy Drink on fans waiting in line for some meet n’ greet.  He stated that you can’t enjoy live music if you’re waiting in line for an autograph.  I say right on brother!  Borne had much to say, screaming his sarcastic punk lyrics.  This trio is powerful and I predict a solid future for them in the DIY punk rock community.  I recommend catching a live show soon.  Fair warning, the pit will be dangerous so be sure to bring it!

Being crunched for time, I was only able to catch one song from The Casualties.  Watching from the side of the stage, I felt like I was experiencing The Casualties (and the tour) for the first time all over again.

All American Rejects and Sum 41 performances left me with one question: Why?  I love the singles by All American Rejects, but never listened to the rest of their music.  Their big hits were of course covered; “Dirty Little Secrets,” “Swing, Swing,” and “Gives You Hell” were all played.  It was a good performance, but I felt like the members were distant, didn’t feel a connection.  It wasn’t an absent of energy, that was there, it just felt a little forced.  Perhaps the weight of touring has gotten the best of them on this particular date.  Lead Singer Tyson Ritter was promoting the campaign “Don’t Hate on Haiti”, spray painted on his white suit, with a clear mission statement being that if you forget about this disaster, its hatred.  He stated that he was touring to help raise money to build clean water wells for the people of Haiti.  Very noble.

With Sum 41, it felt like they were trying to relive their glory days with hits like “Fat Lip,” “All To Blame” and “The Hell Song”.  Their latest album, All the Good Shit: 14 Solid Gold Hits 2000-2008, was released in November 2008 and rumors of a new album in 2011 are buzzing around too.  Honestly, I miss Dave Baksh.  He brought a heavier punk sound to the group with his guitar style and it is missed.  I was less than thrilled with Sum 41.  I do wish Deryck Whibley a speedy recover though.  In Japan, where the band was set to play the Summer Sonic Rock Festival, Whibley was attacked on 8/6/10 in a bar by three men (and police) and aggravated a slipped disk injury in his back from 2007.

I wanted to like The Mighty Regis, but I just couldn’t.  They had a great performance, but for me it felt too much like they were impersonating Flogging Molly.  Both bands have seven members (6 male, 1 female), play the same instruments, and are both Celtic punk rock bands from Los Angeles.  It’s similar to the great debate of The Grateful Dead vs. Phish.  I was never able to get into Phish because I’m a deadhead and never saw (or heard) the point of getting into practically the same band.

Finally!  It was time to check out Alkaline Trio!  What a stellar performance, as usual!  I was happy to hear “Armageddon” and “Private Eye”, as From Here to Infirmary is an all-time favorite album of mine.  Personally, I haven’t seen Alkaline Trio live in some time, so every song was amazing to me; tons of energy, guts and love.  Also, the crowd was huge.  On their speakers, they stenciled on “Free the WM3” and “”.  I am so touched that bands today are still supporting the West Memphis Three but furious that they’re still in jail.  Please visit to find out what you can do to support and free the WM3.

In final summation, here are my thoughts on the tour this year:  Although I missed the majority of the bands I was excited to see, I made the most of the day.  I understand that set times are randomly selected every day of the tour, but it still stinks that I missed out on a few great acts.  Oh well, there’s always next year.  I discovered a lot of new music and look forward to checking out more music by said bands.  Nevermind the Posers has attended Vans Warped Tour since 2003 and we’re looking forward to the lineup in 2011.

Don’t forget, to check out the bands mentioned in this review simply click on their names; they are linked to their MySpace pages.


Warped Lullabies; Backstage with Flogging Molly August 31, 2009

By Greg Swindasz

The cork goes flying, champagne poured into red solo cups, a hearty cheers and down it goes.  This is Flogging Molly’s last day performing on Warped Tour 2009.  Before the last sip can even be swallowed the crowd begins to roar, expecting their promised dose of drunken lullabies and Irish punk that is Flogging Molly.  After throwing away their cups the men, and one very lovely violin clad lady rush on stage, the crowd screams with excitement, the music starts, and Dave King greets his waiting fans.


Before the show Nevermind the Posers sat down and talked with Nathen Maxwell, the bass guitarist for Flogging Molly, and asked him some questions about the infamous Irish punk rock legend.

Nevermind the Posers (NVMP)- How are you enjoying Warped Tour so far?

Nathen Maxwell (NM)- I’m having a great time, Warped Tour is always fun.

NVMP– How long has Flogging Molly been playing on the tour?

NM– About six years now.

NVMP– Do you think Warped Tour has changed a lot over those years?  How about the crowds?

NM-Yeah, it’s changed a bit.  This year there’s one main stage instead of two, that’s different, but a lot of it really stayed the same.  The crowd hasn’t changed that much, the bands have, which bring in new people.  It’s always a good time; always fucking wild, kids with their shirts off, jumping up and down, having fun.

NVMP– Tell us a little bit about Flogging Molly’s latest album.

NM– Flogging Molly’s latest album is “Float”.  We wrote and recorded it in Ireland; love the album, definitely the best shit we’ve ever done to date.  I’m not sure about the sales, physical vs. download, but I know it debuted at #4 on Billboard charts which was huge for us.  We were also #1 on the indie charts for over a month and we’re all really proud of that.

NVMP– Do you usually record in Ireland?

NM– No, that was our first time.  We were touring our asses off, seems like forever now.  We were all living in Los Angeles and then everyone kinda went back home.  So that’s the reason why we ended up going to Ireland, Dave moved back home and we went with him to make the record.

Being on stage with Flogging Molly is like a party in Dublin, only no fighting and less brogue.  Tina and I had the fortune to be standing with Justin Sane, the lead singer of Anti-flag.  When those last howls of “The Salty Dog” are just about to play, Justin hands Tina the can of Guinness he was drinking and runs down stage to sing with the band.  He shares a mic with Nathen Maxwell, and the crowd goes wild.


NVMP– With all the touring, did you have time to do the Green 17 tour this year?

NM– Yup, that’s an annual thing, we plan on doing that every year.  It went great this year, best year ever.  We had The Aggrolites with us so that was awesome.

NVMP– Can you explain the Green 17 tour and how it came about?

NM-It’s kind of our annual pre-St. Patrick’s Day party.  St. Patrick’s day happens one day a year, but for Flogging Molly it happens every day of the year.  So it’s our way to bring a big St. Patrick’s Day celebration to your town and it happens the month of or before St. Patty’s day.  So that’s the idea behind it, we pick 17 cities to go to and we keep it at that.  It all accumulates to the big St. Patrick’s Day show on the 17th.

NVMP– What music did you listen to growing up?

NM– I grew up listening to all kinds of music, I really kinda formed my identity around punk rock music- that was a big part of my culture, and what I played myself.  I listened to a lot of reggae growing up as well.  I was lucky to have a musical family, my father and sisters, so I was always around music.  He (my father) was always turning me on to new things and old things and different things.  Music is a big part of my life.

NVMP– Do you have a favorite artist?

NM– Well, I have Bob Marley tattooed on my arm.  I really love the Wailers and The Clash.

NVMP– What is your favorite song off the new record and why?

NM– My favorite song off the new record maybe “Float”, the title track.  I think lyrically it’s really sad (paying homage to Johnny Cash) and people had a big response to it; and honestly I just love the way it sounds, it’s a different approach to a song than we’ve done before.  It has more of a folk type beat with a work song rhythm.  I like the whole album.

NVMP– Anyone else you can’t get enough of at the moment, whose music are you playing all the time?

NM– Oh yeah, I really love the new Gaslight Anthem record; I think they’re great.  Also, Gogol Bordello, I’m a big fan.

NVMP– Are you still with Side One Dummy Records?

NM– Yes, Side One Dummy, they’ve been our record label since the beginning.  We’ve been offered deals by other major labels, but we’re loyal.


When their set was done Dave King gave his wife, the lovely violin clad woman, a kiss.  As they walked off stage the whole band was greeted with smiles and hugs and thank-yous.  Amongst the celebration of putting on a great set, there was a little sense of sadness as this was their last day on Warped Tour this year.  Before letting Nathen go we had one more question for him:

NVMP– What is your definition of a poser?

NM– Someone who doesn’t progress, who’s not their authentic self and trying to be something they’re not.  That would be my definition.

NVMP– Perfect!

NM– But never mind people like that.  Be real.