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The Black Pacific Debut New Video “Living With Ghosts” September 12, 2011

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Review by Mark B.

The Black Pacific bring punk rock into the technological age with the debut of their new video “Living With Ghosts,” giving the public a view of the world through the eyes of the System, whose only task seems to be the paranoid spying on the public to control their moves and ensure their own survival.  In this case, they‘ve taken a special interest in the lyrical truths of Lindberg and Co.

With Closed Circuit TV type glitches, binary codes and emphasized lyrics of importance flashing across the screen in hacker codec, it is an extremely visually appealing video.  It gives the viewer a glimpse of the world through the eyes of the prying eyes that constantly watch us, using the wonders of technology against the public.  As for the message, I was able to make more sense out of the lyrical content than the video itself (it took me two good views to really understand the visual messages).  Here’s what I gathered from the video: Big Brother is always watching, the over-consumption of goods (oil in particular), is leading to our own destruction at the hands of greed and dependency and it is unclear who is actually to blame- the System that attempts to steer our lives, or the public who constantly gets abused because they allow it to happen, making themselves the root of their own problems.  So who really is the enemy?

The most important message from the band comes through the words “ghosts are in the machine,” which flashes across the screen just before the start of the song.  If you understand the real meaning of the term (if not, by all means look it up) it serves as a reminder that although we are individuals, having our own minds and taking our own courses of action, our lives are very much within the view of the public no matter where we are or what we do.  There is always someone or something watching, and in this case it’s the System in our nation, our Ghost in the machine, the enemy of the people that attempts to control the course of our lives through any means necessary.

All in all, a fantastic video by the Black Pacific.  Jim Lindberg’s lyrics have never been more sharp and biting, and he’s found just the right people to turn his words into a startlingly striking, yet bleak reality.

The Black Pacific is coming to your town (possibly) soon!  Here is a list of their current tour dates:

9/27/11-Atlantic City, NJ- House of Blues*
9/28/11-CliftonPark, NY-Northern Lights*
9/29/11-Toronto, ON- TheSoundAcademy**
9/30/11- Québec City , QC- Agora Port de Québec**
10/01/11-Montréal,QC-CEPSUM -Univ.ofMontreal**
10/02/11-London,ON-John Labatt Centre**
10/4/11-Thunderbay,ON-Thunder BayCommunity Auditorium**
10/06/11-Winnipeg,MB-MTS Centre**
10/07/11-Saskatoon,SK-Credit Union Centre**
10/08/11-Edmonton,AB-Rexall Place**.
10/09/11-Calgary, AB- Scotiabank Saddledome**
10/11/11-Victoria,BC-Save On Foods Memorial Centre**
10/12/11- Vancouver , BC- Pacific Coliseum**

*supporting Rise Against
**supporting Rise Against and Flogging Molly


What tours or concerts are you excited about this year? January 25, 2011

What tours or concerts are you excited about that you know of so far this year?

I can not wait for The Get Up Kids to come around, their hiatus has been far too long and I’m dying to hear my favorite band live again.  Their new album There Are Rules was released today and I will share my thoughts as soon as I listen in.  I’m also excited for Flogging Molly’s Green 17 tour.  Opening acts this year include Money Brother and The Drowning Men.  As always, I am looking forward to Warped Tour 2011 and hope to see some great bands on the bill this year.

I think this year I’m most excited to see the line up for Warped Tour.  I’m not really sure what shows are coming up, or what other tours/festivals that will be held this year aside from the annual ones.  I have found I regularly check to see who is playing Warped to decide whether or not I go.  Moreover, considering the awesome time I had this past summer, I can’t wait to go.  On that note, I’d like to say I’m excited to see Tomorrows Bad Seeds again.  I haven’t been able to see them since Warped ’10 as they went back to California, but I’m hoping they make their way back to the East Coast soon so I can indulge my ear drums on their sweet musical stylings.

It’s too early into the year to say, but I’m stoked that the 3rd Annual Electric Zoo Festival on Labor Day weekend has been extended to a 3 day festival – which is awesome considering it’s the closest thing to  Woodstock for Electronic Dance Music junkies that we’re ever going to get.

After missing them this Holiday season, I’m going to be watching for when the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for comes back to the tri-state area, and of course we can all expect some American bastardization-laden attempt to re-create the fabled “Big 4” concert.  Personally, as amazing as it probably was to be at and witness live, I take a skeptical moment to say, “Remember Woodstock.”  Lightning will NEVER strike the same spot twice, no matter how much money and promotion is thrown at it.  Think about it…original Woodstock (1969) = celebration of peace, love and rock and roll.  The last Woodstock (1999) = Limp Bizkit’s rape and bonfire extravaganza.  Total 180 and disgrace to the memory of what Woodstock (’69) was.

I am excited about the return of Charlotte Martin (although I have to miss her first shows of the year) and the possibility of Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry bringing his solo tour to the U.S. at some point this year.  Hell, I am even kind of excited about Motorhead’s tour, and I don’t even care for Lemmy and Co., but hey, he is a musical legend that should be seen at least once.  And fingers crossed, perhaps BT will finally tour in the NY/NJ area this year, as he seems to be too good to hit the area (hear that B to tha T?? FUCKING ROCK OUT IN THIS AREA FOR FUCK’S SAKE!  PROVE ME WRONG!)  I am even keeping my finger’s crossed that Jim Lindberg’s kick-ass new project The Black Pacific will tour this year.