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“Want It Back” New Video from Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra August 1, 2012

This is the official music video by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra performing “Want It Back” from the anticipated album Theatre Is Evil.  In this stop-motion video, visual artistry is highlighted as the video continually follows an endless stream of lyrics along Ms. Palmers’ bare body.  Much like the transparency she offers her fans, this video is no different; highlighting the curved beauty of her own feminine form.  As a lover of words, I particularly enjoyed the visual personification of the lyrics within the emotive context of the song.  Having started in the world of living art as the Eight Foot Bride, she brings words to life with clever subtly in a brilliant demonstration of stop motion.  The music itself pairs the throaty, sepulchral voice of Palmer with the pop/rock and experimental sounds of The Grand Theft Orchestra.  Other snippets from the album carry the same vibe, making this video a very pleasant sneak preview of the progressively bold musical style that is Amanda Palmer.  Available September 2012, Theatre Is Evil promises to be a labor of love for artists as well as music lovers alike.  Pre-order the album here


And Our #1 Favorite Musicians Are… May 7, 2010

TNT’s #1 Musician of All Time
1. Jerry Garcia – It’s extremely difficult to put into words why this man is my favorite musician of all time.  I consider him my muse, my musical mentor.  I have listened to the Grateful Dead since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I actually heard his lyrics and felt his music.  It felt like a I had a musical stroke, confused about how my mind thought for so many years of this as my mom’s music and almost paralyzed with my own thoughts and theories.  Since that epic day, I’ve become obsessed with the man, his music and his life.  I remember the day he passed away, only being 9 years old and not understanding the loss of such a great man, mourning and misery consumed the world.  Luckily, his spirit lives on through his music, his art, and his followers.  We miss you Jerry.

Alex’s #1 Musician of All Time
1. Jimi Hendrix – From his lyrics to his haunting guitar solo’s, often emulated but never duplicated, Jimi made the guitar do something that nobody in history has done before, or since.  He made the fretboard sing in ways that even Les Paul didn’t know were possible, and he invented the electric guitar.  He may have only played one instrument, but he played it so well, it seemed as if he came from the womb with it, emerging into the world with a Stratocaster under his arm, strung upside-down and destined for stardom.

Mark’s #1 Musician of All Time
1. BT – Where do I begin?  This man isn’t so much a musician as he is a sonic sculpture, molding mathematics, musical notations and multiple audio technologies and theories at his finger tips together, to bring to life hundreds of Mona Lisa equivalent audio pieces, each with their own distinct places among the stars of the audio planes.  He is the Leonardo Da Vinci of the music world, really, a tireless multitasker dabbling in all forms of music and technical wizardry to better himself, his music, and maybe even you.
RECOMMENDED: IMA, ESCM, Movement in Still Life, Emotional Technology, This Binary Universe

Angela’s #1 Musician of All Time
1. Amanda Palmer (of her own solo project and the Dresden Dolls) – Amanda Palmer is, in my opinion, an amazing artist.  She’s passionate, witty, down to earth and despite all her fame hasn’t changed the way she interacts with her fans since the first time I saw the Dresden Dolls before they were anything.  Her style of writing, both music and lyrics, is unique and refreshing.  Not to mention every time I see her live, either solo or with the Dolls, the show is ALWAYS amazing.  I am never disappointed at the mixture of performance art and rock and roll.

Klone’s #1 Musician of All Time
1. Blue Man Group (1987 – ) – I will begin by fully admitting that a group is not a single musician, and by choosing Blue Man Group as my #1 musician of all time, I have cheated.  I fully admit that I have bent the rules on this, but I feel completely justified in doing so.  The amazing thing about Blue Man Group is that they are a group with a single identity.  The organization, as it is a group far larger than the three members who perform each individual show, was formed by Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman, based in Manhattan at the time of its inception.  The group is now an ensemble of musicians who rotate into the three-man performance positions on a show-by-show basis, but the performing trio always appears the same: Blue painted faces and hands, no ears or hair, and no voice.  The other unique characteristic is their focused use of percussion in their music and performances, most notably tuned instruments made out of PVC piping.  Since none of the performing trio are ever introduced by name, or speak at all during the show, the Blue Man Group is effectively a conceptual identity, casting the individual identities of the ensemble aside and allowing the audience to focus solely on the music and the experience of seeing them perform live.  The group’s unique brand of instrumentation not only mesmerizes audiences in their use for Blue Man original pieces, but enhance any songs the group ever covers, but giving a completely new audio perspective to the selected pieces.  My favorite example is their cover of The Who’s classic “Baba O’Reilly”, which can be heard and seen on their 2008 DVD release “How to be a Megastar Live!”, which was accompanied by a CD featuring the tracks performed in the show.  Blue Man Group is an evolution of both “the musician” and “the rock band” into a new level of being.  Welcome to the next level.