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“Want It Back” New Video from Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra August 1, 2012

This is the official music video by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra performing “Want It Back” from the anticipated album Theatre Is Evil.  In this stop-motion video, visual artistry is highlighted as the video continually follows an endless stream of lyrics along Ms. Palmers’ bare body.  Much like the transparency she offers her fans, this video is no different; highlighting the curved beauty of her own feminine form.  As a lover of words, I particularly enjoyed the visual personification of the lyrics within the emotive context of the song.  Having started in the world of living art as the Eight Foot Bride, she brings words to life with clever subtly in a brilliant demonstration of stop motion.  The music itself pairs the throaty, sepulchral voice of Palmer with the pop/rock and experimental sounds of The Grand Theft Orchestra.  Other snippets from the album carry the same vibe, making this video a very pleasant sneak preview of the progressively bold musical style that is Amanda Palmer.  Available September 2012, Theatre Is Evil promises to be a labor of love for artists as well as music lovers alike.  Pre-order the album here


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