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Black Taxi – Things Of That Nature June 2, 2010

Remember when we introduced you to Black Taxi?  Of course you do, it was back in April. (click here to refresh your memories)

Daniel Edwards had some things to say about Things of That Nature:

I absolutely love Black Taxi’s Things of That Nature.  I hesitate to call this engaging and varied album indie-rock for fear of people dismissing it based on that moniker, but Black Taxi takes the indie-rock sound and infuses it with their unique blend of pop, new wave, alt-rock, classic rock…the list goes on; “Pretty Mama” and “Shoeshine” incorporate ska-esque horn sections; “Can’t Bring Myself To Care” evokes a longing, harmonized country vibe.  Things of That Nature is like a conversation with the band; every track reveals a little bit more about them, painting a big colorful portrait of their sound.  I wouldn’t skip a track on the CD, and I’d pay special attention to “Head on a Pike.”  Everyone should listen to Black Taxi’s Things of That Nature.

Check out Black Taxi on June 10th, The Studio @ Webster Hall


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