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New Music, Listen Up. April 9, 2010

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Hello to the musically curious.  It’s Friday, so I thought you might like to sync your ears to some new music.  I’ll give you the link and some info, you decide if it’s right for you, but the important thing is to introduce something new that you might not have heard before (and I’m not talking about the new-hit-single from some over produced-auto tuned-pop-star-wannabe that no one with good musical taste would ever give a crap about).  Ready?  GO!

Last week on the Poser-Free Podcast (Episode 2) we talked about a band that rocks from Brooklyn called Black Taxi and featured their song “Head On A Pike”.  *IF YOU’RE  IN THE NYC AREA AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO TONIGHT (4/9/10), GO CHECK THEM OUT AT THE CAMEO GALLERY IN BROOKLYN!* Support this band and go DL some of their music, they’re on iTunes.  Some other songs that I love by Black Taxi include “Up Here For Thinking, Down There For Dancing” (video below) and “Love Song For A Ghost”.
I love Black Taxi because:
A) they have a slight punk rock vibe without getting on my nerves (extremely rare for indie acts)
B) they have a good use of cowbell and great placement of trumpets (“I gotta have more cowbell!”)
C) they’re an indie rock band that has a good handle on what kind of sound they’re going for (I think)
D) they cross many genres, meaning there’s something here for everyone.
E) their lyrics are great, so listen closely.

©2009 Directed by David Franklin
More music soon, but for now, enjoy Black Taxi



2 Responses to “New Music, Listen Up.”

  1. obrazu Says:

    Excellent Song!!

  2. […] Black Taxi June 2, 2010 Filed under: CD Reviews,Music You've Been Missing,TNT Concert Calendar — NVMP @ 10:35 PM Tags: Black Taxi, Things Of That Nature Remember when we introduced you to Black Taxi?  Of course you do, it was back in April. (click here to refresh your memories) […]

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