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Profile Playlist by Nevermind the Posers January 25, 2010

via Profile Playlist by Nevermind the Posers.

Thought some of you might need some new music to get you through the work week, so check out these tunes, download em’ (legally, of course) and sync up your iPods ladies and gentlemen.  These 10 songs come from NVMP’s MySpace playlist.  In no particular order, they are…

1. “She’s Into Black Guys” by Bodega Girls

2. “White Russian Doll” by Lucky Soul

3. “Palace In A City” by Belikos

4. “Pleasure Town” by Hank and Cupcakes

5. “Camp Out” by An Horse

6. “Progress” by So Many Dynamos

7. “Give Yourself To Me” by HoneyHoney

8. “Paper Float” by Cassettes Won’t Listen

9. “Leave This Town” by Make Your Exit

10. “Will You Please Spend New Years With Me” by Allo Darlin’