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Music and Video Fail: “Hell Yeah” Midnight Red August 30, 2012

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Review by Hoverbee

This is what’s wrong with music and the youth in general, although I’m sure lots of soccer moms may get down to this as well.  Each member of the group is a representation of a different scene or genre to ensure maximum dispersal through various demographics.  Don’t even get me started on the weird guy with the pointy hair.  Vanilla Ice called…he wants his hairstyle back.  The music itself is a simple rehash of what can only be described as the pop music of today’s cheap moves.  We’ve all heard this song before.  I normally do research on bands for video reviews, but for this I felt no bother.  I don’t care where they’re from and am sad they ever decided to leave that place to spread this god-awful brand of musical heresy.  Hey all of you who have no need for real substance or culture, this song/video will make you feel good about that lost weekend you can’t quite remember and glorify your need for never-ending drinking and shag fests.