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If You Could Go To Any Music Festival In The World, Which One Would It Be? March 11, 2011

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If you could go to any music festival in the WORLD, which one would it be and who would you see in 2011?

It’s a toss-up between Coachella and SXSW, but from looking at the rosters, I’d have to go with Coachella.  Not only do I love the idea of only being able to buy a 3 day pass (which I believe is reasonably priced), but that you have the option of camping out.   The bands I would check out at the festival this year would be Cee Lo Green, Flogging Molly, Interpol, The Aquabats!, Titus Andronicus, Broken Social Scene, Cage the Elephant, Freelance Whales, Mumford and Sons, The New Pornographers and The Strokes.  Unfortunately I am on the opposite coast and air-fare alone would kill my budget, but I vow to make it over there one year.  The same goes for SXSW.

If I could visit any music festival in the world, I would venture off to the UK to attend one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals, Creamfields.  A summertime home to some of the best DJ’s and electronic acts from all over the globe, it is the international equivalent of Woodstock, minus the hippies and lame protest songs.  Although the line-up hasn’t been announced, I would hope to see appearances from Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and Way Out West.

Just because I’ve seen so many excerpts of this festival from earlier years on digital cable (thank you, FiOs), I’d have to say this year’s Glastonbury Festival, the UK equivalent of Woodstock, would be the one I’d definitely make sure I got to.  This year’s line-up includes U2, Coldplay and Beyonce as headliners, as well as appearances by B.B. King, The Chemical Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Local Natives, Snoop Dogg, Gorilaz, Willie Nelson, Muse, Coheed & Cambria, MGMT, Orbital and many more.
The Awesome: the sheer size of the line-up and several stages are mind-boggling, offering a smorgasbord of musical offerings for any palate.  One would be hard-pressed to NOT find a lot to love during the course of the four-day festival.
The Not-So-Awesome: the sheer size of the line-up and several stages are mind-boggling, and means you’re going to have to meticulously track your day to catch every act you want to see.  Inevitably there will have to be sacrifices made, and they will be painful.  Plus, you’re going to be hot, sweaty, stinky, most likely sticky and ready to kill someone from dehydration at the exact moment you realize you took too long checking out George Clinton and the P. Funk All-stars and have already missed 20 minutes of Local Natives’ set, and realize you miss them EVERY TIME they come around to NYC.  Sometimes those are the risks that come with the territory, and that’s the price you have to pay.

When I had to figure out what one festival in the world I would love to attend, the first thing that came to mind was Rock In Rio.  Not only has this festival been able to bear the title of one of the largest festivals in the entire world, with attendance reaching into the millions, but I’ve always been a fan of the lineups. Silverchair is the main reason I ever even heard of this festival, but upon delving deeper, Rock in Rio consistently books amazing artists and can see the magnitude of a crowd all united for music.  How could I not want to be a part of that?  I remember seeing pictures of Silverchair on stage at Rock in Rio and seeing thousands upon thousands of faces all looking back at them.  It’s so diverse and appealing to so many people, I would love the opportunity to be a part of a show this amazing.

While researching 2011 festivals all over the world to pick one I’d like to attend, I realized that many of them had not yet announced a lineup.  So in light of this, I’ll have to go with Coachella.  Since this is my fantasy, I’ll be in attendance on all three days and plan to see (regardless of stage/time restraints) The Black Keys, Raphael Saadiq, The Chemical Brothers, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Kings of Leon, Interpol, Cee Lo Green, Brandon Flowers, Animal Collective, Big Audio Dynamite, Cage the Elephant, Erykah Badu, Gogol Bordello, Mumford & Sons, Duran Duran, Neon Trees, PJ Harvey, The Strokes and check out bands I’ve never heard in between.

If I could hit any music festival in 2011, it would be Bonnaroo.  I’ve never been to a massive, multi-day festival before, and Bonnaroo has such a broad swathe of musical genres and artists that it seems like you’d have to try really hard not to enjoy yourself.  From The Strokes to Robyn to Eminem to Girl Talk, it seems like every genre is represented over the four-day festival.


Could The Kings of Leon be the new Rock Royalty? September 17, 2009

By: Greg Swindasz

With three Grammy nominations and one award, a world tour, and a new album coming next year will the Nashville band-of-brothers be the next legendary rock band?

The Kings of Leon are by no means a new or upcoming band.  Their follow up to Only by the Night, which was the number one album in the UK in 2008, will be their fifth major studio album.  They have a huge international fan base; Kings of Leon also headlined the Glastonbury, which is the UK’s oldest music festival.  With all of this love and their constant playlist on the radio, it is hard not see to a very bright future.  However, they were not winners this weekend in New York.

Their majesties were nominated for Best Rock Video with “Sex on Fire” at MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards.  “We lost dammit, maybe next year.  At least we got to see the worst haircut since 1984 try to steal the spotlight from lovely Taylor Swift,” Kings of Leon’s Nathan Followill joked to Digital Spy after Kanye West’s actions on stage.

Their next album is expected in the late fall of 2010.  Guitarist Matthew Followill told BBC earlier this year that the next album could be “a little bit grungier.”  Caleb Followill also said about their new album, “We pretty much now can do what we want.  America has to sit back.”  This could be the start of a new sound for the band.  Who knows, their first four albums could be referred to as “the early years” on Wikipedia one day.  If they stay on their current course, rockers in 2050 might just have sex on fire and put it in their heart shaped box.