Nevermind The Posers

See ya in the pit.

Interview with Nahko and Medicine for the People August 10, 2017

NVMP:  How do you create your music, does it happen organically or do you sit down knowing the sound you’re looking for?
Nahko:  Oh man, it happens at all the times you would expect and then at the most random times.  Just gotta be ready for when it does!
NVMP:  Can we expect a new album to drop anytime soon?
Nahko:  In October!
NVMP:  Which one of your songs is your songs is your absolute favorite and why?
Nahko:  Right now, it is “Dear Brother”.  A song we haven’t recorded, but have been playing on tour for nearly a year.  It’s a simple prayer for all my POC that have died at the hands of police brutality.  It states ‘you’ve got to put down the weight, you’ve got to get out of your way.’  This kind of medicine can be hard to swallow for many and we have faced hateful messages and screams from crowds on this one.  I feel deeply for those who serve our country and people to protect.  The injustice served to the families who have lost their loved ones in senseless acts of brutality at the hands of police is heartbreaking.  It reminds us how broken the system truly is.  I will speak up about this for my entire career.
NVMP: Did you ever dream that your music would contain such a powerful movement?
NAHKO: No way!  It humbles me to observe it from the day I began writing to this very moment.  It’s an incredible gift all around.
NVMP: What is your favorite music festival to play, where and why?
NAHKO: Cali Roots is one of my favorite on the west coast.  The container is full ohana vibes and everyone is so happy to be there.  Can’t beat Monterey Bay!
NVMP: What is your definition of a poser?
NAHKO: Haha, one who pretends to be someone he is not.
NVMP: Please say hi to a dear friend, Paige – She introduces everyone to your music (including me!) and is the most beautiful soul I have ever met. She stays positive while facing many obstacles in life.  We will be coming to your concert on Sunday 8/6 in Asbury Park, NJ and she has been looking forward to it for months.
Nahko: Hi Paige! Pleased to meet you.  So happy to hear you’ll be joining us on Sunday.  It will be a truly good time to fill up your well.  I can’t wait to see you smile!
 Let’s get random…
NVMP: What’s the one ingredient you pick out of the trail mix?
NVMP: What’s your favorite season?
NVMP: Who’s the most important person in your life?
NAHKO: Auntie Pua
NVMP: What’s your favorite Popsicle flavor?
NAHKO: Blueberry?
NVMP: What’s your favorite brand of Whiskey?
NAHKO: Bulleit Rye
NVMP: Who’s your favorite band?
NAHKO: Paul Simon
NVMP: What’s your favorite tree?
NAHKO: Banyon

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