Nevermind The Posers

See ya in the pit.

Good Graeff August 4, 2015

I can’t stand when you try to talk music to some people and after you name a few bands, they say something like “Oh, I don’t listen to new music.”  That’s like saying you don’t enjoy breathing fresh air, or you’re perfectly happy watching reruns of Friends for the rest of your life.  If you do only one new thing today, let it be discovering a new band. And if you trust TNT, let that band be Good Graeff.

I had the pleasure of seeing Good Graeff live at Bowery Ballroom open for Mates of State along with Hey Marseilles in July.  Comprised of twin sisters Brook (guitar & lead vocals) and Brit (cello & backup vocals), Good Graeff is the perfect pair.  They have such an upbeat, fun energy on stage, and so original.  It sounds like every experience in their lives have influenced the music – from winning a battle of the bands together in high school together, to living apart for a few years (being a twin myself, I think this really helps twins learn who they are as individuals by ditching the ever-bounding secondary names “the twins,” “the girls,” or “you two.”) to reconnecting in Hanoi, Vietnam teaching English, hosting motorcycle tours in the countryside, and best of all, playing music together again.

20150710_222359Their music captured so many genres that it doesn’t feel right to pick just one.  Folk, rock, indie, punk, pop, indie, southern rock – I heard a bit of everything throughout their set.  Think of an upbeat Tegan and Sara without the synth blended with Kimya Dawson and Jenny Lewis, add a band, and it’s fun like the Spin Doctors or Veruca Salt.  My favorite song on their EP Good Job Go is “I Want That” but unsuspected song “Topeka” that was played stole the show for me.  Maybe because I was not expecting that sound or because it’s such a crowd pleaser that I ended up shouting “Topeka” where I thought it was needed.  They kept the crowd engaged and laughing in-between songs.  I loved that they added Spider Man to the guest list at the door because, hey, you never know, it’s New York and Peter Parker may be having a slow night.  I predict a bright musical future for Good Graeff.

See them live when you get the chance, but in the mean time grab a copy of the Good Job Go EP.  Check out their Bandcamp page here, their Facebook page here, their website here, and the only video could find featuring “Topeka” here.


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