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Free Urban Clown, The Search for an Album That Doesn’t Exist August 25, 2014

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So many of you have been searching for the track-list…here it is, courtesy of Jon Warhol:

From what I can assume, the album came out in 2005.

1) Bullshit Blues 3:43
​2) She’s a gypsy 3:40
3) Don’t Hold Your Breath 3:33
4) The Girl In The Crowd 3:31
5) San Helena 5:12
6) Frisco Skyline 3:22
7) When We Was Free 5:16
8) Down On The Avenue 5:37
9) Stand Up For The King 5:53
10) Showtime 6:00
11) The Sands of Mexico 1:07
12) Satellite 5:46

Nevermind The Posers

By Jon Warhol

A ghost, a myth, an urban legend, the Keyser Soze of albums (The Usual Suspects anyone?) — For a while I didn’t believe it really existed, and even if it did, I held little hope its mysterious sounds would ever reach my ears. The album I’m speaking of, is, none other than Free Urban Clown by Jon Lawler. What’s that? Who’s that? Oh, you’ve never heard of Free Urban Clown or Jon Lawler? Not many people have, and its creator would like it to stay that way. You may know him better by the moniker Jon Fratelli, front man of the Scottish indie rock band The Fratellis whose 2006 debut Costello Music thrust the band into the spotlight with singles like “Chelsea Dagger” and “Whistle for the Choir.”

Go to Wikipedia, or any site that conveniently displays a musician’s story and official discography, and you’ll undoubtedly…

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