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The Mighty Fine – ‘Brothers and Smugglers’ Review March 9, 2014

By Angela Blasi 

The Mighty Fine, a four piece punk band from San Luis Obispo California, are slated to release their fourth full-length album March 4, 2014 titled Brothers and Smugglers via Creator-Destructor Records in vinyl, CD and digital formats.  This album was recorded throughout 2013 in North Hollywood, CA with Producer Kyle Black (Strung Out, Set Your Goals, Comeback Kid).

From the opening track “Into the Clouds,” the album hits the ground running.  The guitar starts hurriedly strumming and by the time the bass drum kicks in, I found my head happily bobbing along with these unfamiliar sounds.  While it reminds me vocally of Sum 41 with a dash of NOFX, they hold their own remarkably well.  Each track seamlessly flows into one another with no shortage of catchy anthems.  The bass and drums lock into a solid rhythm with the momentum of a steam engine; a sound that will have crowds on their feet and moving all night long. If they’re this compelling on record, I can only imagine the feverish movement of their live show. The music has heart, diversity and great melodies over top, keeping each song distinct in sound but refreshingly different from the last.  I have never listened to them before, but here the album plays and I have yet to change a song.  Brothers and Smugglers is definitely a solid album from start to finish where no song requires skipping.  Personal favorites include “Way Too Fast” for its musical diversity and the opening to “Trade Brigade,” as it sneers with the attitude I have long missed from the punk rock of the last few years.  They will be touring parts of California throughout March and April in support of the Ataris, Heartsounds, and others. Check out dates below.

‘Brothers and Smugglers’ Tracklisting
1) Into the Clouds
2) Break The Tide
3) Bad Form
4) Snake Skin
5) Palindrome
6) Way Too Fast
7) Trade Brigade
8) Calypso
9) Who’s To Know
10) Daphne 

Upcoming shows:
Mar 02        Strummer’s w/ THE ATARIS & Versus The World        Fresno, CA
Mar 03        SLO Brew w/ THE ATARIS & Versus The World  San Luis Obispo, CA
Mar 07        Thee Parkside w/ Heartsounds +more     San Francisco, CA
Mar 08        Luigi’s Fungarden w/ Heartsounds +more         Sacramento, CA
Apr 03         SLO DIY w/ Heartsounds +more tba        San Luis Obispo, CA
Apr 04         VLHS w/ Heartsounds +more Pomona, CA         Tickets
Apr 05         Til-Two Club w/ Heartsounds +more        San Diego, CA
Apr 06         Redwood Bar w/ Heartsounds +more tba         Los Angeles, CA


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