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World/Inferno Friendship Society at Asbury Lanes 3/28/2013 May 1, 2013

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Review by Angela Blasi

WI 1

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The World/Inferno Friendship Society has taken their circus act across the globe and in the twelve years I have been listening to them, seeing them come full circle in the Ancestral Homeland of New Jersey brought a new perspective to the cult-like cabaret.  Walking in, a few first impressions were evident.  Compared to the crowds of old, I found the Lanes to be emptier than I would expect for a home show.  I have followed the Inferno far and wide and have found this current line up to be lack luster in presence.  Although the music is still sharp, full of raucous energy and poignantly executed by the ever-charming Jack Terricloth, the band itself felt like a bunch of day players behind him.  They played the fan favorites, from the classic opener “Tattoos Fade,” “Zen and the Art of Breaking Everything in this Room” and “My Ancestral Homeland New Jersey” to newer songs like “Thumb Cinema,” which is chock full of punk rock staccato momentum, and “Pickles and Gin.”

Despite the small crowd and more reserved band of players, The World/Inferno still delivered to an enamored audience with the heart of an army.  Jack was his chatty self, providing history lessons and anecdotes alike in between lyrics that never seem to lose their steam.  I have always loved the interaction between band and crowd, as a night with the World/Inferno Friendship Society is so much more than just the music; it’s an experience meant to be shared in by all who attend.

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