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Til Death Do Us Part…Together Forever March 3, 2013


When you think of New York City, you might find it hard to imagine a haunted house experience to rival any you’ve had before, nestled neatly on the second floor of a building on Varick Street.   Being somewhat addicted to anything Halloween-flavored, on February 16th, Nevermind the Posers checked out Blood Manor’s Bloody


Valentine’s Weekend.  A tradition usually reserved for the fall, Blood Manor provides an epic haunted house to scare the bejesus out of you year-round.  With a Valentine’s Day special, screw the chocolate and the flowers…we wanted to see a little blood, mayhem and zombie pin-up models!

Zombie pin-up models you say?  Yes, the models from Gorgeous and Gory were in attendance signing their 2013 calendar with, can you guess what the theme is?  Calendars are still available for purchase!

Walking through these rooms  of horror, one of the most terrifying was the pitch black room.  Once you walked in, you couldn’t see anything but knew that you were not alone.  Voices guided you “left” and “right” until you found your way into the next room.  One of the most stand-out segments of the twisted walking tour was the 3D hallway maze by the master of 3D Stuart Smith, where black-lit, neon paint literally leapt off the walls – and the actors who were also splattered with the paint – courtesy of 3D glasses passed to you steps before you enter by one of the actors.

The cast of demented characters that break any sense of the safety you enjoy when watching horror movies at home, really sell the terror.   There is no fourth wall, there is only…zombies who appear over your shoulder as you shudder from what you hear going on ahead of you, maniacs wielding bloody weapons your way as you scream on by, and Hollywood level special effects guaranteed to leave a memorable impression on anyone lucky enough to survive!  We will definitely be going back to Blood Manor.

Check out these videos to get an idea of what went on inside, their attention to detail in each room was great!

TNT & Klone


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