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Art History by California Wives September 19, 2012

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Review by Nicole Aimone
California Wives released their latest album Art History on September 4, 2012.  This album brings soft subtle and poppy vocals, signature alternative guitar rhythms and foot-tap inducing drum beats to the table, something the band has mastered by now.  They also have a circa 1980s vibe going for them with member Hans Michel on keyboard.  California Wives certainly hasn’t lost any of their synthesized pop meets The police sound that first appeared on 2009 release EL84.
Some of my favorite tracks from Art History are “Blood Red Youth” and “Marianne.”   The thing that drew me to these songs is that they have both great guitar and lyric hooks.  I found myself singing them in the shower, which forced me to listen to the album even more because, I mean who wants to have a song stuck in their head all day?  I’m sure every listener will catch themselves doing the same thing when they hear this album.  I’m warning you now, this album is addictive.
Want to see California wives live and in the flesh?  Well here are your chances!

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