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“Freedom at 21” by Jack White July 26, 2012

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Thoughts by Hoverbee

When did Jack White become such a badass?  The video for the song “Freedom at 21” off the album Blunderbuss directed by Hype Williams (Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan) has Mr. White tearing down the road in a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with police in hot pursuit.  And I do mean hot.  The female cop leading the chase is model Brittany Colombo (Miguel, Timberland) and she’s riding a motorcycle (so Freudian).  She eventually catches him and bends him over the hood of his car something awful (awfully sexual) before finally tossing him in a cell while other hot chicks run around.  The chase and such is spliced with jerky shots of White looking mean while mouthing the lyrics, making faces and sticking out his tongue.  The moral of this video: White’s ready to throw down unless you’re a sexy lady, in which case you can kick the crap out of him and that’s cool.  Although a tad cliché for my taste, the overall feeling of the video jives with the lyrics of the song and the concept of the album.


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