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The Beer Burglars, DIY Punk Rock At Its Finest April 25, 2012

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Show Review by Angela Blasi

March 30th, 2012 at Seven Days Bar in Union Beach, NJ

Ride bikes, drink beer, get awesome.  That’s the running motto of hardcore punk band The Beer Burglars.  I had the pleasure of watching this group perform at the Seven Days Bar in Union Beach, New Jersey a few weeks ago.  I had no idea what to expect, except lots of songs about beer.  I have to tell you, no truer a statement has been uttered.  Releasing their debut album entitled The Punks , the band maintains its identity and refuses to play large-scale venues.  Ready to play anywhere, anytime, the bands persona is confident and carefree.  But does this translate on a stage?  Absolutely.  The night I saw the Beer Burglars, lead singer Steel English donned a full face mask that was part skull part ski mask and was a perfect replica of Satan meets V for Vendetta.  Although I never saw his face, he kept me entertained all night long with hardcore vocals, screaming incessantly about beer as he shot gunned cans and provided loyal fans with refreshment.  Now, I didn’t think it was possible to come up with so many songs about beer let alone like that many songs about the same topic, but it is and I did.  I think my favorite track of the night was “Beeranator;” a short but intense track where the only word I could make out was “Beerinator!” but I thought it was great regardless.  Besides the brutal in-your-face vocals with a sense of humor, I really loved the way guitarist Henry Scardaville lent his energy to the stage.  Fun to watch, he added the right amount of intensity and personality to his nimble technique and colorful vocals.  Granted, the vocals were a lot of screaming but it wasn’t annoying or overdone.  Rounding out the rhythm section was Kat Scardaville pounding away with effortless precision on drums and Hurricane Luke holding it down, locking in with the fat sounds that filled out the musical line up.

Overall I like what the Beer Burglars have started here.  No matter what show you go to, you’re bound to have a good time regardless of how many songs you may or may not know.  Just crack open your favorite beer, raise it to the sky and scream along like any of the regulars.  Everyone’s invited.


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  1. THE BEER BURGLARS – NATIONAL BEER DAY E.P. can be heard here…

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