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Free Download of “Perfect Match” along with graphic novel Perfect Teeth April 17, 2012

Our favorite fictitious musical band of crooning vampires Perfect Teeth, from the graphic novel written by Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake, have finally released their first musical endeavor to the public.  To coincide with the novel’s plot, life imitates art in their latest single entitled, “Perfect Match.”  A true monster ballad, Jon Snodgrass of Drag the River lends his distinct vocals as he croons: “It’s a perfect match/Let’s burn the maps/File down our fingertips.”  Rounding out the mix, we hear the Descendants Stephen Egerton on guitar, bass and drums.  So how does such a thing come to life?  Through e-mail correspondence, Fiorello and Snodgrass pieced together the skeleton of what was to become the first vampire love song to top the (pretend) charts.  Taking this rough copy via cell phone, Egerton was then able to musically adapt the original demo to a more suitable mood, tailoring each instrument to the heart of the piece.

I really enjoy the content as it doesn’t try to sound campy or silly, it’s as though I’m really listening to the plight of a living (or something like it) Edward Cullen, only way cooler and not so moody.  The type of heartfelt Vampiric hit single you’d expect in the wildly popular times of undead creatures.  Ultimately, this joint effort is a good listen, offering the reader a chance to fully absorb what is not only an excellent musical composure from great artists, but also an opportunity to fully immerse in the alternate reality of the graphic novel.

Click here for a free download of the graphic novel Perfect Teeth along with the song “Perfect Match.”  Click on ‘Free Downloads’ and check out everything Paper + Plastick is offering.


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