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The Darkness Returns? February 28, 2012

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The last time the public heard anything about UK’s The Darkness was six years ago.  Just when we thought we wouldn’t be graced with the sight of singer Justin Hawkins’ custom spandex suits, the band releases a brand new single called  “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us.”  The video features a 2-D animation of the band, giving us insight into their sense of humor and solidarity as a unit.  Sort of corny yet carelessly fun, the first track off a full length release (date and name is yet to be determined) “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” doesn’t seem to offer anything musically new from the group.  Still laden with Hawkins’ signature falsetto screams and guitar god-like solo’s, it’s everything I would expect from a band that produced past hits with the same formula.  Maybe the rest of the album will have more twists and turns for our listening pleasures, but as it stands this looks to be a pretty predictable album, albeit fun as hell to rock to.      –  Angela Blasi

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