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What Is The Funniest Song You’ve Ever Heard? November 6, 2011

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What is the funniest song you’ve ever heard?

The funniest song I’ve ever heard comes from Liam Lynch’s Fake Songs.  My favorite track is “Still Wasted (from the party last night).”  It paints the picture of a drunken man who is still wasted from the party last night, trying to make it to work the next morning.  Favorite line: “I’m wearin my bed sheets like a cape and a cowboy hat (he’s wasted) and naked.  But if I don’t go to work how will I pay my tab?  I’m wasted (he’s wasted).”  Some other great songs off this album are “SOS,” “Fake David Bowie Song” and “Rock and Roll Whore,” featuring Jack Black.

Jake Davis
As a longtime listener of Weird Al Yankovic and Monty Python, the list goes on and on.  For a more recognizable punk song there is one clear choice, “Franco Un-American” by NOFX.  While dated, the song is about the Bush Administration but not in the typical “fuck you” punk sense.  No, the song is told by a poor slacker who never ever paid attention to politics.  One day, he decides to look at all the issues and punditry this country has, and needless to say he freaks.  So, he goes into detail about how he can’t sleep, eat or think without feeling like the country will sink into the ocean.  A true classic comedy punk song, it speaks to the terrified punk rocker in us all.

Ten-thousand years bad luck to whoever says “Detachable Penis” or anything from TeamAmerica.  Funniest song I can think off right now is “Hand of the Almighty (God Will Fuck You Up),” by John Butler.  It makes me smile.  You’re gonna have to YouTube it, if you haven’t already.  Oh, and Hanson’s “Mmmbop.”

The funniest song I have heard (recently) is by a comedian name Jon Lajoie called “Stay at Home Dad.”  This song is particularly hilarious because he actually raps and the lyrics are creative.  The melody reminds of Rage Against the Machine, especially towards the end when he says “That’s right I take care of my children” over the guitar buildup.  It resembles Rage’s “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” lyric, but with a positive, completely different twist.

Mark B
“The 12 Pains of Christmas.”  It’s extremely corny, very hacky and utilizes voices and characters that have been made fun of since the beginnings of civilized society.  And yet, every time I hear it, I find myself shaking uncontrollably with laughter.  It’s one of those “it’s so bad it’s good” type of tunes.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, so the song helps me get into the Christmas spirit and makes me a little less of a grouch for the holidays.  Whenever I hear it, I know that the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, and to make with the spending.

The funniest song I have ever heard most recently is “I Like to F*ck” by Tila Tequila featuring Hot Rod.  The first time I heard it I did not think it was serious.  That was, until it was brought to my attention that this song was a Tila Tequila original; which then made this even funnier, as she really is trying to be a “musician.”  I mean, with such poignant lyrics as, “I like to fuck, suck cock until I hurl/ I like to fuck everybody in the world” how could you not see the Grammy nominations all over that? 

It’s hard to pick one song that I would classify as the funniest I’ve ever heard, but the song “Debra” by Beck is right up there.  The song is a plea to get with a girl he met at JC Penny named Jenny.  He’d also like to get with Jenny’s sister.  He’s not sure, but he thinks her name is Debra.  A close second is a song called “Hollywood Freaks,” also by Beck and appearing on Midnight Vultures, the same album as “Debra.”  The song starts with the lyrics, “hot milk, hmm tweak my nipple” and continues on to absolute craziness.  

Daniel Edward
I’m gonna say “Peacock” by Katy Perry is one of the funniest (and catchiest) songs I’ve ever heard.  It’s an entire song about wanting to see a gentleman’s ‘peacock’ and how amazing it is when she finally does.

Hands-down, “Karate” by Tenacious D.  It’s a short but sweet ditty about taking vengeance for betrayed trust, and using karate to do so.  Knowing that Tenacious D is basically a buddy band of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, we know that neither of them can do any karate.  Plus, the ultimate move is “pulling out all your pubic hair”, which is not a move that Mr. Myagi taught Daniel-san.  Hilarious.


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