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Brothers of Brazil: A Turd With A Splash of The Exotic = Still A Turd July 4, 2011

Filed under: New Music — NVMP @ 12:06 PM

by Orin Jones
Is it Soul Coughing?  Is it Mr. Bungle?  Is it nowhere even close to as good?  “Blinded by Fashion” might be an Aqua cover; “I Hate the Beatles” might be tolerable if I could cut the vocals.  At best, Johnny Knoxville and Beetlejuice (see album cover) swing from Beatlesy (trite) to Faith No More (their later, less-fulfilling lounge days); at worst, the singers’ struggles to rhyme are rivaled by those of the annoying kids next door.  If you’re a fan of PsychefunkapusFishbone, mid-90’s ska, and any local high school bands, you’ll love this mess.  Brothers of Brazil is as much quality music as Capoeira is quality martial arts — both seem at first to hold potential, but no…save your time.  Capoeira is just fancy aerobics and BoB will give you a fancy headache.  I’m sure someone loves this basura (or however you say it in Portuguese), but it sure ain’t me.  What happened Brazil?  You used to be respectable…now this?  Stick to “football,” meaty restaurants and insanely hot naked chicas.  Leave the awful pop music to us.


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