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Osama Bin Laden: 10 years, Trillions Spent, War Far From Over May 10, 2011

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NVMP believes in freedom of speech, here’s a taste.  If this offends you, please don’t read.

A Rant by Stigz

Yes, that’s a headline you will never see.  Which is shocking considering it’s as true as water being wet.  In other news, the sky is blue.  That being said, I’d like to examine what this epically newsworthy event sparked and illustrated – to me at least.

First and most painfully apparent – the power of social media platforms.  I’d wager that 90% of people heard about this via Facebook.  Personally, I was sitting on my friend’s front porch when I received an update from a CNN app on my phone proclaiming the terrorist figure-head’s demise.  He, at the same time, got a phone call from his friend, proclaiming the death of the man that plotted the 9/11 attacks and subsequently killed thousands of New Yorkers and injuring thousands more.  Just out of curiosity I checked out Facebook.  I bet if I would have done a word search for the words “Osama” or “Dead” I would have come back with thousands of results.  Which brings me to my next point – the next person to make the Osama/Obama connection, I’m going to hit you with an iron skillet.  Thanks for the obvious connection; maybe next you can work less blatant word play.  However, besides the obvious rejoicing of catching the scumbag that killed thousands of my fellow citizens, I’m so glad I don’t have to hear about the Royal Wedding anymore.

America, I have something to tell you.  We have a history of not being like the British.  In fact, we celebrate it every July 4th, when a bunch of white slave-owning farmers got together and signed a document which told King James to piss off.  This country was started because of disgust for royalty.  Now we are obsessed.  Let’s stop sliding ass backwards.  Please.  “Modern day fairy tale” or not, the entire debacle isn’t what I would consider worthy of more than a few lines on the nightly news.

And finally, I’d like to say to the American public that we are not always the “good guys.”  I’m not going to puff rainbows up your ass – this country is built on blood.  For us to even live here, whole societies had to be killed or displaced (American Indians, for those of you that failed history class).  Now, I’d like to preface my next statement by this.  My father was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam, one of the first.  My grandfathers on both sides were in the military.  My grandmother was part of the WWII war effort.  My mother was a Federal agent.  I have a history steeped in military service and fighting for the homeland.  Personally, I think that in order to vote, all citizens must serve their country in the armed forces, be it in a combat capacity or clerical.  Italy, Japan and Israel have similar systems, and trust me, tell people they have to be ready to die for their country to be able to have a say, and watch how fast these bleeding heart liberals and tortoise-shell-glasses wearing hipsters shut their cakehole.  Most people who know me, know this is how I feel, but I will put it in writing.  Being that I am the only man in my family to carry on my name, I could never be drafted.  However, Sullivan Act or not, if the war has a chance of coming to the shores of the land I was born in, you’ll be damn sure I’ll be on the battlefield the next day.

This brings me to my next point – this newfound respect for the Navy SEALs is abhorrent.  They should have had our respect from the word go.  These are warriors, men of men, who have been trained to fight, kill and survive since they were in their late teens or early twenties.  They should have always been in the hearts and minds of all Americans, just like our soldiers overseas.  (PS Not only is a SEAL team the most elite and awesome fighting force on the planet – but they have attack dogs with titanium teeth. Yes, it’s true; look it up…Long story short, America doesn’t fuck around.)

Now on the news I see this neurotic fixation on them.  I even saw a blurb on the news saying “Meet the heroes of the SEAL team that killed Osama tonight.”  This is ridiculous.  Let’s call a spade a spade: We assassinated Osama.  We took our best Special Forces detachment and raided a compound and took out a high value target.  However, they don’t use the word assassinate.  They shot him unarmed, and capped his wife in the leg (which, I have to say, what was running through her head trying to attack a SEAL team in tactical gear with – most likely fully automatic and silenced weapons?)  Case and point, this proves, we assassinate people – and some people we should put two in their head and one in their chest.  For those that said he should have stood trial, go back to your hippie circle and sing Kumbaya.  He killed thousands of ours; we should have dragged him through the town and set him on fire.  Sometimes, people have to die.  And for the first time in a while, the right one was killed.  On another note, these heroes deserve their privacy – they are a covert operations outfit.  This is only one of I’m sure, dozens of black ops that have happened since the New Year.  This one was just more palatable to tell the American public.

My point in this rant is this:

A) “We” didn’t get him.  A combination of good intelligence, fearless Special Forces operators, and sheer balls got him.  So stop saying “we.”

B) We, America, are a great nation.  We boast freedoms for every man and woman that some countries couldn’t dream of.  However, we didn’t get all of this by being nice.  There is blood on all of our hands.  If you can’t deal with that, leave.

C) This isn’t the end of the “war on terror” (a term I hate in itself).  Terrorism is global.  Terrorism has been around for centuries.  And until we shape our global policies to deal with this sad truth, we are all doomed.  Don’t celebrate yet – not until our soldiers come home.  We are fighting in several countries still, with no end in sight.

D) This was an unsanctioned black op in enemy territory where helicopters went in low, touched down and unleashed a shit storm in Northern Pakistan.  In short, we assassinated Bin Laden.  I hope he brought marshmallows to roast in Hell next to Hitler.

Don’t say “we” won, because unless you have stripes on your shoulders, you didn’t do anything except play Call of Duty on X-box and watch the news.


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  1. Denise Says:

    So very well said.

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