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New Animated Video by Cake For “Long Time” April 15, 2011

Video Review by Hoverbee

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Cake has released a video for the second single, “Long Time,” off of Showroom of Compassion.  The animated music video was created by French production company Callicore Films, an art studio that focuses on CG Art and the resistance against “the cultural dictatorship of media.”  Founded by distinguished French artist Laurent Mercier and his partners Linda Mercier and Xavier Semen, Callicore has worked with John Lee Hooker Jr., Arrested Development, The Buzzcocks, Marky Ramon and more.  Their collaboration with Cake resulted in the sad story of a vagabond and his monkey who have been imprisoned for going against the grain and not following the same road as others.  The video mimics the lyrics of “Long Time” by cutting together scenes of the imprisoned vagabond and his monkey, flashbacks of happier days when they were free and an image of a ticking clock.  In the end of the video, while being transported to their execution, the vagabond breaks through a panel in the truck finding a way to escape, but is unable to fit through the hole.  He realizes his monkey friend will fit through the hole and sacrifices himself by setting his monkey friend free.  Although a sad story, the video is a fitting visual companion for the song.


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  1. moon Says:

    like song and video

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