Nevermind The Posers

See ya in the pit.

The Bloody Muffs at Local 269 in NYC March 18, 2011 April 3, 2011

By Angela Blasi

Off East Houston St. in NYC lies a club that deems itself, “The Last Bastion of Great Live Music in NYC.”  A small club with just enough room for a bar and a few tables and chairs (mainly standing room only), one could tell frills were not something of a major concern to the owner.  No, instead a simple back line and a whole bunch of punk rock bands held my attention for the evening.  Primarily, it was the Bloody Muffs.  A trio made up of drummer Kat Kaos, lead vocalist/guitarist Jonesy and bassist Jessica, the group doesn’t waste much time with fancy bio’s or elaborate songs.  Rather, it seems they put all efforts into the DIY mentality; straight and to the point, giving it all they’ve got on every song.

Although their set was short that night at Local 269, I have to say it was a good one that I enjoyed.  Maybe they aren’t taking on politics and challenging the government with each verse and chorus, but I can not deny how much fun singing an entire chorus of “Fuck Your Mom” can be.  With songs about various whores, people sucking, drunken sex and feeling alright no matter what happens, I found myself laughing and simply enjoying the music all night.

Despite technical difficulties in the first number, the band carried on effortlessly, letting the mistakes roll off their backs like seasoned professionals.  I liked their inclusion of all three members on vocals, adding texture and a conversational nature to many of the songs that gave for a sense of inclusion and light heartedness.  I also must add, that as a group they were musically solid.  I particularly enjoyed the song, “Love Me Like A Drug” where each pause and blast beat were seamlessly integrated into the music, all members executing the rhythms perfectly.  Sure, a seasoned eye can catch mistakes from any player but the errors are not important so much as it is the performer’s ability to overcome them and keep going.

I’d recommend this band for anyone who isn’t into taking themselves too seriously and enjoys punk rock that does the same.  A great band to go see, have a beer and hang out with, the Bloody Muffs are a good time live.  For your listening pleasure, check out their two albums Heavy Flow and Sloppy Seconds, both available on and iTunes.


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