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Sandi Thom February 23, 2011

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By Angela Blasi
I have to say, technology sometimes serves its purpose.  I was just trolling the pages of YouTube for Sandi Thom’s “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers in my Hair)”, when I decided to delve deeper.  I have to tell you, I like what I hear.  This may be the most random artist review I’ll ever do, but it needed to be done.  I had no idea she was classified as a blues/rock artist, but as I take on track after track, I can hear the blue notes she touches and it gives her music powerful melodies as well as character.  A trend I’ve come to notice in the singer’s artwork is the beauty in its simplicity.  It is so refreshing to hear a track stripped of fancy production edits, punches and the dreaded autotune.  Thom’s voice, with all its unique accouterments’, is the most colorful and alluring part of the piece.  I fell so in love with her hit single partly because of its simplicity.  Through the first 30 seconds of the track, you are flooded with nothing but her voice; a voice that washes over you with the force of a tidal wave yet rocks you slowly like the bay.  The entire song retains that crisp cleanliness of sound as the natural groove of her voice is accented perfectly by the one-two punch of a kick drum that grabs you by the heart-strings, forcing it to beat simultaneously with every pitch and note.  Other tracks such as “Superman” retain that very haunting simplicity.  Slower track, “Superman” cries with the sweet sadness of your first honest broken heart.

In the trend of Sandi Thom, simply stated, she carries a powerful instrument in her soul expressing it beautifully in a tirade of melodies and harmonies that delve deep inside the listener.  Accentuated charmingly without ever losing it’s focus, Sandi Thom’s songs brilliantly shine track after track.


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