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Deryk Whilbley of Sum 41 Says New Album Will Be Darker February 19, 2011

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By Zach Hannon

Sum 41 announced an album entitled Screaming Bloody Murder due out March 29th.  Front-man Deryk Whilbley says it’s going to be “darker”; I have listened to the new single and if I had to compare it to another band’s style, I would say it sounded like Bullet for my Valentine, minus the screaming.  “Screaming Blood Murder” is a solid single for the album and I think more good can come from it.  Deryk was going through a divorce with Avril Lavigne while writing the album and said it affected his song writing.  Whilbley explains “The thing that helped me make this record, or gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do, was that I just said fuck everybody. I don’t give a shit about radio, I don’t give a shit about press, I don’t care what critics say about this record. All I care about is the band and the fans. People will come to our shows regardless, we don’t need anyone.” I think this is a very effective approach towards writing music.  Personally, I like darker styles of music but from Sum 41 this could either turn out really bad or sound amazing.  After all Sum 41 is a punk/rock band that had some alternative metal moments earlier in their career, which was a very successful style for them.    When the new album is released I will certainly be purchasing it, but for everyone else, listen to the single first.  I have a feeling some of their loyal fans might lose interest.


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