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New Music…videos! November 30, 2010

Hi all!  I thought I would share some new music and videos with you because, who doesn’t like new music and videos?

First up is “CopCar” by Heypenny, a fun song with well put together video.  Who wants to be a CopCar with me for halloween next year?  Shotgun blue!  Also check out “Parade Song.”  Lots of OkGo vibes coming from this band, but it’s all gravy to me.

Following a similar theme, I thought I’d share the latest OkGo video…well, it was added November 15th but let’s live in the moment, shall we?  “Last Leaf” features laser toasted bread slices from 215 expired loaves.  Bet there was a lot of crumbs to clean up.

I wanted to share a band that I heard a few weeks back; they’re really growing on me.  A good indie/new wave mix, this Canadian band hits all the sweet spots.  I love “Come and See”, “The Alchemy Between Us”, and watch the video below for “Outside the City”.

I am so excited to share this song with you!  The second I heard “Paris” I was so surprised it was by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.  In the past, I did not hear a song from the group that moved me like this one.  I can’t stop singing ‘Ooh la la’ and Potter’s raw vocals really bring this song full circle.

Another song I’m in love with is by The Knocks called “Dancing With the DJ”.  Check it out.



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