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A Word with Alan Wilder October 13, 2010

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Many artists that NVMP covers find it difficult to establish themselves within the ever-changing and troubled music business.  As an established artist, do you find yourself experiencing the same problems?  What suggestions could you share with up and coming artists in navigating through the industry?

AW: I find I need to be very pro-active these days, in all aspects of what I do.  I can’t just sit back and wait for the record company to make it all happen, for CDs to just appear in shops, radio to just promote your music etc.  It just doesn’t happen without a lot of persuasion, networking, producing special editions and other enticements, plus being on the road which more and more artists find they have to do these days, not least to actually sell their wares at the live events.  The industry has massively changed – it’s a dog eat dog, cut-throat, here today, gone tomorrow, vacuous, Simon Cowell-obsessed animal, and it doesn’t suit everyone – particularly the whimsical ‘artistes’ that just don’t have that kind of drive required to perform the hard sell.

***Don’t forget, Recoil hits Highline Ballroom, NYC on November 1st.  And the after-show Depeche Mode/Recoil party!***


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