Nevermind The Posers

See ya in the pit.

He’s Back! Andrew W.K. Invades Homes This Fall With New Episodes of CN’s Destroy Build Destroy! October 3, 2010

ALL NEW EPISODES PREMIERE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6As Cartoon Network recently announced, new episodes of their hit show Destroy Build Destroy, hosted by Andrew W.K., will premiere October 6th at 8:30pm ET/PT.  Andrew W.K. serves as the master of mayhem as two teams with the guidance and assistance of professionals, compete by destroying large structures using wrecking balls, human destroyers and real explosions.  Each week brings new challenges to build from the debris, with strategy, wits and teamwork determining which team’s creation out- performs the other.  Destroy Build Destroy was created by Dan Taberski and produced by Idiot Box & Mess Media.

Andrew W.K. states, “I’m so psyched about this new season of DBD!  We really went bigger and better than ever.  I love these new episodes.  The team members and I always have so much fun, but this time we really went over the top.  It’s super-destructivity!  And super-buildtacular!  The new season has even higher levels of insanity, originality, teamwork, and of course, massive explosions!  Get ready!”


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