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Guiding the Warped Tour – 5 Minutes with Andrew W.K. August 24, 2010

Klone and TNT with Andrew W.K. at Warped Tour 2010

TNT – How has the Warped Tour been so far this year, would you say it’s mid-way through?
AWK – Well said, it’s about mid-way right now.  We’re at the Warped Tour 2010 going strong, this is the 16th year of the Warped Tour and it’s our 2nd time doing the entire tour.  We did a handful of shows in 2002 when we were primarily on the Ozzfest and then we did the entire tour, headlining on the main stage in 2003, and now to be invited back after all that time, seven years later, 2010, we are just very happy to be here.  We’re at the half way point, just looking at the calendar now, two or three more shows will mark the official half way, but we’re getting close and gosh, it still feels like it just started.

TNT – What was it like filming your new animated video “I Wanna See You Get Wild”?  (Click Here to watch the video!)
AWK – Thank you, yes.  This is a new video we have, the first ever video for Andrew W.K. that features a green scene with live action, motion graphics and animated figures.  I never shot a video where I actually had to plan out my movement for more than a few seconds.  Normally we’d film the whole song a bunch of different ways, you do the whole take and then you then cut it together in editing.  But for this, it was “From 1 minute and 3 seconds to 1 minute and 6 seconds you’ll move from point A to point B, then circle back to point C and then return to point A.  That will comprise those three seconds.  Now we move on to the next four seconds.”  We broke it down and I think the results speak for themselves, “I Wanna See You Go Wild”, our music video off of our latest album Close Calls With Brick Walls.

KLONE – Do you want to do more stuff like that in the future after having an experience like that or do you want to keep it more like ‘let me just get on stage and rip it apart’ kind of videos?
AWK – I want a little bit of everything.  In my life, I want to experience as much as I possibly can.  I am a big fan of Peter Jackson.  Now Peter Jackson has filmed many of his movies, of course the Lord of the Rings trilogy, with a lot of green screen or blue screen; whatever color suits your fancy, go with it!  Now, I learned from that.  I watched those movies, I enjoyed them, I absorbed them and I want to be able to include that type of performance, that type of production in my repertoire.  I want to be able to say ‘Hey, I shot something on blue screen’ and you know what, we just did.  “I Wanna See You Go Wild” that video, it’s a blue screen/green screen, it’s a video that was made using that technology and if I ever get to do it again, I’ll say ‘Hey, I’m doubly blessed’.

TNT – So what’s next for you after Warped Tour?  Do you have anything in the works?
AWK – Absolutely.  Of course, again, very happy to be back not only on warped tour, but just back with my full band performing traditional concerts.  This is the first time I’ve been on a nationwide tour with my full band, playing concerts on a world-wide basis since, really 2005, 2006.   Things turned crazy for me around that time.  Fortunately now, four, five years down the road, we’ve gotten them all worked out.  All the loose ends have been tied up into a beautiful bow, that bow has encased itself around a beautiful gift, that gift is the freedom to do and be Andrew W.K. all the way, one hundred percent, one hundred and TEN percent and that’s what we’re bringing in 2010 and 2011!  New albums, full nation-wide tours, world tours, maybe a book, more television; we want to take this party message out there using every mode, every method, every style of entertainment we can!

KLONE – Well we’re happy to help continue proving that Andrew W.K. exists and helping support your identity out there with everything we were talking about back in the winter time.  How has everything been going with that?  Everything positive and moving forward?
(Klone is referring to our first interview with Andrew W.K., click here to read and listen)
AWK – I appreciate you asking about that, I appreciate your support.  Anybody out there who has joined us partying, who has found some value, some experience as part of Andrew W.K., if it means anything to you, thank you very much for choosing to participate on that level and I’m here to continue that.  My name is Andrew W.K. and I’m here to keep it going. As far as everything else is concerned, all those elements, all those questions have been answered, all the pieces have been into place,  the puzzle has been finished.  And now we can just move on, move forward, have fun, party hard, you know how we do it.

TNT and KLONE – We can state that he’s definitely here in the flesh, he’s a real person, he’s not a hologram.
AWK – Yes, I am.  This is 3-d 100% in the flesh, Andrew W.K. talking to you live here.  I’m wearing the proper white clothing, I even have the white socks on.  So there you go, that’s proof.
KLONE – He does, I see them right there.

TNT – If you had to, could you pick one band you’d love to go on tour with?
AWK – There are so many groups out there I would love to tour with.  We’ve been fortunate enough to tour with so many of them, whether it’s been with Aerosmith, whether it’s been touring, of course, on something like today, Warped Tour, or Ozzfest that I mentioned earlier, or touring with bands like High on Fire, The Locust, The Used even.  I mean we’ve played with all kinds of groups, all kinds of folks.  We want to keep it going and that’s the tradition that we intend to establish and continue.  To continue partying, playing with music of all sorts, taking the party to people of all places and really making sure that joy is spread throughout the world as often and as much as possible.


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