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#9…Top 10 Albums of All Time…because 5 just wasn’t enough! August 3, 2010

TNT’s #9
9. Affirmation by Savage Garden – I’m not embarrassed to have this album on my list (although a certain twin sister of mine might disagree); can’t hide the truth.  Although this was their second (and last) album recorded as a duo, it was the first one that I fell in love with.  I had such a deep connection with the songs that I couldn’t help but to hit the repeat button after each song came to an end.  “Two Beds and a Coffee Machine” makes me cry every single time I hear it, regardless of where I am.  “Affirmation” was the song that inspired me to live by the way of Karma, or at least start learning about what it really is.  It felt like this track opened my eyes and opened my mind to how I wanted to live my life.

Mark’s #9
9. Community Music by Asian Dub Foundation – One of the most abrasive and unique albums that I have ever had the pleasure of discovering randomly.  Rock, punk, reggae, dub, begali beats, drum and bass and electro music get furiously mashed together under the politically charged lyrical explosion from then-current front man Deedar Zaman. Incredible, and catchy.

Angela’s #9
9. From Here to Infirmary by Alkaline Trio – Like so many of my fellow NVMP staff, this record from the trio holds significance and stands out as one of their definitive albums.  It’s a solid record.  What more can we say about it?  Go Alkaline Trio.

Stigz’s #9
9. The Sufferer and The Witness by Rise Against – Splendid lyrics and raw, gritty in your face power to each verse and chord.  The soundtrack to a revolution.

Klone’s #9

9. Core by Stone Temple Pilots (1992) – Another gem from the early 90s, the debut album that helped Stone Temple Pilots rise to fame, interestingly enough due to the common misconception that the band was an Eddie Vedder side-project – the music video for their first single “Plush” featured distorted video footage of front man Scott Weiland, coupled with the similarity between his voice and Vedder’s served to cause mass confusion.  The rest of the tracks on the album were a powerhouse of a new brand of rock dubbed “Alternative”, as it served to break the lingering hold of the 80s rock glam bands on the mainstream, while adopting some of the structure and grittiness of metal and grunge.  Almost 20 years later, STP is still on the scene, and albums like “Core” prove why.


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