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Something For Everybody by Devo July 29, 2010

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Review by: Heather Bennett A.K.A. Hoverbee

I totally admit that I’m the first to complain the 80’s are back.  Well, I may have to eat those words of annoyance due to the unexpected return of Devo.  Their new album, Something for Everybody, is just what I needed (80’s Cars reference, pun intended) to be okay with the return of the “Decade of Decadence.”  They are back with blue hats instead of red and pumping out tunes that make me feel just like the days of yore.  The thing that made and makes Devo so great is beat driven dance music with an important, often thoughtful, outlook on current events and the state of the world; “What We Do” is electronic joy in song form that gives one a case of the giggles with its pop culture/world references and happy feet with its driving beats.  “Knock Boots” is a whirlwind of electronic, psychedelic, awesomeness that speaks of the sex-obsessed escapism of our current culture.  “Watch Us Work It” is a clapping, shouting, cowbell anthem for those of us who identify with Devo and want to change the world around us.  In addition, as an artist, I must mention the cover art for this new album.  It depicts a classic example of the 80’s beauty (much like the cover of Duran Duran’s 1982 classic Rio) eating a tiny Devo blue hat.  Perhaps this speaks to the notion that if ever they released another album, they would eat their hats.  I, for one, am happy to eat said blue hat!

There are three versions of this album: Standard edition (the songs that Devo selected,) Song Study Version (poll selections from the fans,) and Deluxe edition (both Standard and Song Study Version combined).  Hoverbee checked out all of them and wanted to remind our readers to do their homework before purchasing.  To see the track listings of all three versions, you can visit the Wikipedia page for Something For Everybody and skip down to Track Listing.


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