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Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden 7/12/10 July 21, 2010

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Review by Mama Dukes (Marianne Teresi)

First off, I’d like to say that they sounded GREAT!!!  Bruce Dickenson’s voice still sounds amazing, hitting every note while jumping and running all over the stage.  He looked a bit older wearing a knit cap and psych ward t-shirt but sounded as young as ever.  Opening with “Wicker Man”, the sold out Garden came to life.

Bruce D. dedicated “Blood Brothers” to the recently deceased Ronnie James Dio, asking everyone to raise their ‘devil horns’ to the sky for him up on a cloud of his own somewhere as he is the reason the hand symbol is so popular for metal music everywhere.  He went on to say that he doesn’t want to be one of those bands from the 70’s that just keeps playing their hits from way back when and they were mostly going to be playing songs from more recent albums.

Now, as much as I love some of their current stuff, I still want to hear the good classic songs like the “Trooper” or “Run to the Hills”.  Thankfully they played “Fear of the Dark” and “Number of the Beast” to my delight as well as most of the audiences.

I can understand them being sick of playing the same old stuff show after show, but that is what most fans want to hear.

The stage show left much to be desired.  Basically, someone just kept changing the curtain that was behind the drum set with some kind of towers on the side.  They did have “Eddie” come out in the middle of the song “Iron Maiden” which was highly anticipated by everyone, judging by the screaming crowd.

After the show, heading back to the car, two people stepped out of a bar and asked if we were at the show.  When we replied that we just left, they asked if they played “Trooper”.  Unfortunately, we had to respond, “no”.

Iron Maiden should really think of the fans and how much they really do enjoy the classics.  I’m glad that I was lucky enough to see them open for Judas Priest back in ’82 when they did play all the good old songs.


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