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Electric Six Starts New Tour Off With A Dance Epidemic July 16, 2010

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Review by: Daniel Edward

“It gets lonely on the road,” declared Dick Valentine, Electric Six’s lead vocalist, “and we’ve been on the road one day.”

Electric Six kicked off their latest headlining tour at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on July 14 – a venue they described as their “fertile crescent” – to promote their forthcoming album.

Township, a kick-ass rock n’ roll band from Boston, opened the show with an electrifying set of melodic rock that was so much more than a sum of its influences.  “Sinister Minister” is still stuck in my head.  If you like rock, definitely check them out, and if you have the chance to see them live, seize the opportunity.

As soon as Electric Six took the stage, people went wild.  They played a broad swathe of their repertoire – though their arguably biggest hit, ‘Danger! High Voltage,’ didn’t make the cut – that had everyone up and dancing.

“This is going to be a night of trilogies,” Valentine said, setting the stage for their themed, three song mini sets.  Trilogies of demons, gays and the future included songs like “Electric Demons in Love,” “Gay Bar,” and “Future Boys.”

I haven’t given Electric Six’s more recent albums the same attention I gave ‘Fire’ and ‘Senior Smoke’, but with a 20 song set, they played something for everyone, and the more hardcore E6 fans were going crazy all night long.

Through the wild and energetic set, Valentine put on a great show full of the tongue-in-cheek humor the band is famous for.  They ended the show with a dance trilogy followed by Valentine asking, “Does anyone have nine bucks so we can get through the Lincoln Tunnel?”


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