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Offbeat Site Makes Use and Humor of the Various Music Scenes June 10, 2010

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Just For Giggles – a blurb by Alexander “Stigz” Castiglione

One of my coworkers at 89.5 FM-WSOU turned me onto this site, and I used it in an on air bit.  However, a picture is worth a thousand words and I had to post this up.

The site is nothing short of hilarious – especially to fellow scenesters or people who hit up tons of shows and venues and see more and more people dressing spectacularly different from “status quo,” yet inadvertently all looking the same.  Besides this phenomena being an epic fail of the highest proportions for these tools yearning for individuality yet all shopping in the same dumpster – it’s great comedic material.  Whether it’s the fake mesh tattoo sleeves and white makeup, or the Indie-leg warmer wearers, or even the Emo crowd, this site takes them all into account.  Besides the cleverly placed blurbs about what they’re wearing ranging in comments from “massive amounts of piercings” to “back-up sunglasses,” it also gives a short and humorous description of the scene it’s ripping on.  If that isn’t enough, it gives you a playlist and what websites they frequent.

Some are more accurate than funny, like with the HXC Toughguy wearing a “Hateblood” hoodie (as if we didn’t know that was a poke at Hatebreed) and has Jamie Jasta’s website as one of his pseudo-bookmarks.  Others are just plain hilarious, commenting on posers that wear flamboyant gear and listen to washed up rappers.  And other entries are way too accurate.   Case and point: The Christcore Rocker who looks exactly like Underoath/The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus’ frontman Spencer Chamberlain.  Even the expressions of the character’s faces are priceless: whereas the emo boy and girl look like they’re going to cry and write a poem about it and the “MySpace whore” has the skank-pose down pat.

As a radio DJ, club DJ and general music aficionado, I thought I knew about almost every scene under the sun: not the case.  Crabcore, Skramz Revitalist, and Orgcore Punker were some names I saw and scratched my head at. However, when you see the pictures and playlists that accompany these weird derivations, you’ll immediately be like “Oooo I know a dude that dresses like that- that looks like ____.”  This, again, makes the site even funnier, as I found myself saying “that looks just like this friend or that chick if it wasn’t for the neck tattoo/glasses/over the top hair.”

In short, this isn’t hard hitting music journalism, hey, this isn’t even journalism.  This is just me telling you to check out this site, it’s definitely good for a laugh, and was extremely well thought out from characters, to blurbs, to fake playlists and websites, to side-splitting descriptions.  Check it out :


2 Responses to “Offbeat Site Makes Use and Humor of the Various Music Scenes”

  1. Mike Boozer Says:

    nice post, I like the blog

    -Mike Boozer,

    • NVMP Says:

      Thanks Mike! Just checked out your blog, loved “Stop Shitting Out Children!” it is very disturbing and the Foodies post was hilarious 🙂

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