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Top 5 Most Played Songs On Your iTunes June 7, 2010

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No holding back, no shame!  This week we asked a few of our writers what songs are played the most through their iTunes and here are the results:

TNT’s Top 5
5. “Good Day” by Jukebox the Ghost
4. “Camera Talk” by Local Natives
3. “Airplanes” by Local Natives
2. “David” by Honey Honey
1. “Movie Loves A Screen” by April Smith and The Great Picture Show

Daniel Edward’s Top 5
5. “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado
4. “Dance In My Blood” by Men Women & Children
3. “The Name of the Train is the Hurricane” by Men Women & Children
2. “The Church of Hot Addiction” by Cobra Starship
1. “In My Arms” by Kylie Minogue

Mark’s Top 5
5. “Soluble Words” by Ken Andrews
4. “Keep Me In Your Pocket” by Charlotte Martin
3. “In A Big Country” by Big Country
2. “Little Secrets” by Passion Pit
1. “Flaming June” by BT


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