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TNT’s Playlist 6/4/10 June 4, 2010

Friday again, ready for some new music?  This week’s playlist has songs I’ve heard over the past couple of weeks that I love.  Hopefully you will love them too!  As always, follow this link to our MySpace Music page, pop-out the playlist, and enjoy!
Like what you hear?  Click on the name of each band to be directed to their MySpace or websites.

TNT’s Music 6/4/10

1. “Strawberry Quick” by Sandman Viper Command – Great track!  Good for any situation walking, driving, chilling, drinking strawberry quick, whatever.  Indie infused with a garage sound that’s actually catchy.  They’re playing NXNE June 17th and 18th, if you should happen to find yourself in Toronto, ON.
2. Paint The Town Red” by The Hotcakes – This is my favorite song from The Hotcakes and it was amazing live (saw them 5/25 @ Mercury Lounge).  A great anthem, I always try to out sing this track.  Although I never do, the important thing is that I feel like I do.
3. Pin Down” by Leah Siegel – Such a NYC gem!  Leah Siegel’s voice gives me the chills while scaring the shit out of me; a dark Judy Garland who plays guitar, if you will.  You need to listen to all of her clever lyrics and seriously catch a live show (sign up for her mailing list for show announcements).  Just saw her 6/2 @ Bowery Electric w/ bassist Tim Luntzel; her haunting, soulful voice had the room’s full attention.
4. “Age Of Reason” by American Classic – Another up and coming band to keep an eye on is American Classic.  Their set at Maxwell’s last night was addicting, leaving me wanting more.  Kevin Lyman- put this band on VWT 2011, I’m sick of hearing crappy punk rock wannabes with minimal talent.  Do not miss American Classic on 6/19 @ School of Rock in S. Hackensack, NJ
5. “Johnny Got A Boom Boom” by Imelda May – Rockabilly/Blues from Dublin?  Why not!  Imedla May performed “How High The Moon” with Jeff Beck at the 2010 Grammy’s and I’ve been enthralled with her ever since.
6. “I Need $$$” by The White White Lights – I think we can all relate to this song, hence, why it’s on this list.  Also, The White White Lights rock; they remind me of what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs used to be.
7. Coma Politik” by Theodore Grimm – Another amazing rock band from northern NJ, Theodore Grimm will rock your face off.  I hear psychedelic rock that you can dance to.  I am well overdue to catch a live show.  Check out the song “Pullin Shape” too, ce magnifique!
8. “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Hoverbee says:  I didn’t like “Home” at first, but it grew on me ridiculously.  I like the male/female call and response singing/talking action, the whistling, the tambourine, the horns, and in some parts, the guy’s voice reminds me a bit of Johnny Cash.  It manages to be country without sucking which is, in my opinion, REALLY hard to do.  They are definitely folk and also a bit gospel, which also kicks ass if done correctly.  It’s more about the feelings the songs give me: like I don’t live in 2010.
9. “This Fiction” by Adelaide’s Cape – This acoustic folk/rock band from the UK deserves your attention.  I love all the finger picking in their music, don’t know why, they just do it well with their catchy rhythms.
10. “Another Time” by Brahms – I saw Brahms on 5/25 @ Pianos and let me tell you, they might just make list of bands that I’d hire for a house party.  Currently on tour with Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club, Brahms is making their electro rock voices and laptops heard all over major cities in the US.
11. “Passion Pit Sleepyhead Remix” by The Knocks – I’m not a huge Passion Pit fan, but I do enjoy this remix by NYC Duo The Knocks, another group to keep an eye on this summer!  Originals (loving “Can’t Shake Your Love” at the moment) or covers, The Knocks can conquer any sound.
12. “Burn It Down” by AWOLNATION – When NVMP meets up with Andrew W.K. @VWT 2010, the first thing I want to ask him is “When are you teaming up with AWOLNATION?” because I think both bands would tear the stage up for an unforgettable show.  Oh!  And to have your mind complete blown out of your head, check out  It’s too cool to even describe, but I will tell you that it’s in 3D!


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