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Diamond Eyes by Deftones May 25, 2010

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A CD Review by Alexander ‘Stigz’ Castiglione

The Deftones’ new release, Diamond Eyes, finally brings back the same relative sound of ALL of their earlier work, but with a new edge on some tracks.

In this respect, Diamond Eyes cuts through the proverbial bullshit of “the band’s sound evolving” and actually brings it back to the fans, and brings it hard.  From the title track forward, this 11 track CD does not pull punches, it does not hold back, and it does not leave you pissed off.  What does it do?  It has you completely stoked that a band “evolving” isn’t equated with losing the sound that made you like them in the first place.  Not to throw any musicians under the bus, but of late, many have done this.  Alkaline Trio, Alexisonfire, and so many other bands have let us down, and it’s awesome to see a band sticking with a formula that works rather than “growing as musicians” and subsequently decimating their fan-base.

Tracks like “Beauty School” and “Prince” give us that melodic and downbeat drawl that we know and love from the Deftones, but then we get more brutal tracks like “CMND/CTRL” which keep your pulse racing and head banging.  And, for the first time in a while, the title track “Diamond Eyes” hits all the notes we want to hear as fans.  As I have said before, the true measure of a good album is how many times you hit the “next” button.  In this case, the track forward button got very, very lonely and the repeat button had a full dance card on my CD player.

In closing, this album gets a 9/10 by my tally.  Go pick it up.


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