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Fyfe Dangerfield May 23, 2010

This past Wednesday I checked out Fyfe Dangerfield at Joe’s Pub in NYC.  Founding member of UK band The Guillemots and playing only a handful of dates in our area, Dangerfield’s performance was a rare and enticing treat to hear.  He sang, tickled the ivories, and played guitar while being accompanied by two talented violinist, setting the tranquil and euphoric atmosphere of the night.  His debut solo album is called Fly Yellow Moon and was released in January 2010 and is now available on iTunes in the US.  Songs like “Barricades” and “Livewire” gave me the chills while the upbeat, rhythmical hits like “She Needs Me” and “When You Walk In The Room” made me fall in love with his music immediately; these are my favorite tracks and I highly recommend you check them out.
I am looking forward to listening to the album in its entirety.  Fyfe Dangerfield is a phenomenal singer/songwriter and I think Fly Yellow Moon is only the beginning of a long and prosperous solo career.



One Response to “Fyfe Dangerfield”

  1. sueyuk Says:

    Good to hear that the man travels well across the Atlantic. I’ve seen him in London, UK a couple of times this year, the second time doing a very similar set to that at Joe’s Pub by the sounds of it. As you say – a phenomenal singer/songwriter.

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