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Dirty Sweet – American Spiritual May 13, 2010

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TNT thinks: Consider yourselves warned- Dirty Sweet’s American Spiritual is extremely catchy and highly addictive.  I’m in love with this album because I grew up with Southern rock and they have vibes that remind me of Tiger Army, only less punky.  There are also some great, chilling guitar solos.  The titles of each track are brilliant, “Rest Sniper, Rest” and “Star-Spangled Glamour” and “Crimson Calvary”, genius.  These are all amazing songs that I suggest you check out.  I also love “Please Beware” (the lyric ‘please beware, I’m going crazy’ I relate to on a daily basis’.  New TNT anthem?) and “Rest Sniper, Rest.”  When I’m listening to this album, I imagine myself driving down a long open road.  So you can bet your dirty sweet ass I’ll be packing this album on my next road trip.

H-Toof thinks: Dirty Sweet brings us some enjoyable Southern cock rock on their second studio album, American SpiritualAmerican Spiritual is like a rock canvas splattered with everything from gospel, country and blues to R&B and heavy metal.  The album plays like a chronicle of problems facing our country today, and takes aim at warmongering politicians and our celebrity-obsessed news media.  Overall, American Spiritual is a strong, varied rock album that both new and old fans will enjoy.

Check out Dirty Sweet’s video for “Marionette”



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