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New Music on our Playlist May 8, 2010

Hello again!  It’s Friday, time for some new music to get you pumped for the weekend.  Below is our MySpace Profile Playlist, click here to see profile (, to the left hand side you’ll find our playlist for some TNT song suggestions.  Pop it out and enjoy!  As always, you can click on the band’s name to view their myspace page if you like what you hear.  Spread the word and discover new music.  Enjoy the weekend!

TNT’s Music

1. “His Story”  by  Not Ok – Some true punk music!  Yet another Australian punk band that I feel in love with.  This song will kick your ass and make you wonder just what Christopher Columbus did…listen to the spoken breakdown, I guess it’s the bridge.  Take it or leave it, what do you think?
2. “Set The World On Fire!”  by  HELL&LULA – Such an awesome beat!  Is it rock?  Techno?  Electro?  I don’t care, this is a great genre spanning song.  Here’s a tip…Pop out our MySpace Playlist for more continuous listening and less clicking.
3. “No Medication”  by  Washington Square Park – NEW BAND ALERT!  Okay, drop everything because there’s a new punk band coming out of NJ that deserves your attention!  Check out “No Medication”, this song got me hooked.  Coming soon- WSP live show review and a few words with front man Max Rauch and guitarist Keith Williams.
4. “Texas Tea”  by  Young the Giant – This band used to be called The Jakes, proving that the name of your band has nothing to do with your music.  “Texas Tea” is a catchy pop hook with melodies that paint a vocal masterpiece.  Have a listen…
5. “I Don’t Mind”  by  Polly Mackey & the Pleasure Principle – I fell in love with Polly’s deep and rich vocals a long time ago, this is one of my favorite songs by the group.  This indie pop/rock band from the UK is a group to keep an eye on.
6. “Early Warnings”  by  Foreign Born – I’ve been talking about this band a lot lately, but how could I not?  It’s soothing and memorable all in one, the guitars really make this song come alive.  I love it.
7. “Embers and Ashes”  by  The Static Cult – This band needs to come to the USA ASAP!  They sound like next Bad Religion/Rise Against.  Bottom line, they rock!  This is one of my favorite songs, also check out “Hold Tight Hope.”
8. “Crawl Like A Dog (feat. Mark Lanegan)  by  Creature With The Atom Brain – I’m not really sure why I like this song, but I do.  Maybe you will too.  Definitely some similarities to Rob Zombie relaxed vocals.
9. “Tunnelvision”  by  Here We Go Magic – I’m hooked in the first five seconds of this song.  I love this indie/folk sound, AMAZING!  I hope this band is playing the Siren Festival this year, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, I see no reason they wouldn’t be invited to play, but let this be the first ask.
10. “Why Didn’t You Get A Haircut?”  by  Math the Band – I don’t care why you didn’t get a hair cut, but I do care about how much fun I’m having while listening to this song.  I could imagine myself doing a speedy robot dance to this song, lots of jumping is also included.  Anyway, less about my dance skills and more about Math the Band.  They just started a tour with MC CHRIS, immediately after their performances at Bamboozle.  Hope you can catch a show, I’ll be at Maxwell’s in Hoboken for the June 30th date if you wanted to buy me a drink for introducing you to this killer duo.  Maybe we can share a bowl of Candy Cereal with Math the Band, check out this scrumdiddlyumptious video. 
11. “Shake It Loose”  by  The Kicks – I saw The Kicks in NYC last week and was instantly blown away by this talented Nashville band.  This band does not fit into any one genre, which is why I featured two of their songs on this playlist.  “Shake It Loose” has driving guitar riffs that make you want to move.  I suggest catching a live show soon, some of their guitar solos are sick!
12. “Good Morning”  by The Kicks – When I heard this song live, I though “Instant radio hit”.  This is one of their slower jams, but still packed with power.  It gave me chills when I heard it live, its vocal beauty is gorgeous.  I love harmonies that bounce off the walls with resonance.  TNT is impressed.


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